Expert: Chinese Boeing 737 Brought Down by Missile or Pilot Suicide

It was unlikely that a technical issue caused the China Eastern’s horrific passenger jet crash Monday, an Australian aviation expert has said.

The aircraft, which was en route to Guangzhou after taking off from Kunming, in the southwest, was carrying 132 people. The Boeing 737-800 plunged into a mountain near the southern Chinese city of Wuzhou. . .

Aviation expert Neil Hansford raised doubts about the cause of the crash, saying there could be four likely scenarios that led to the catastrophe. However, he ruled out technical issues.

“Even with total loss of power, no aircraft plummets to the ground from 20,000 feet in two minutes with an event at 8,000 feet,” Hansford explained to “I think aircraft technical failure can be ruled out and it will be an external event… I would get on a Boeing 737-800 in an instant with an Australian carrier, so my suggestion would be it won’t be Boeing or aircraft technical related.” . . .

“My tipping is a human-induced event or bought down by rogue missile. Debris looks like MH117 over Ukraine, and the Chinese are providing too much information this time which is uncharacteristic,” he was quoted as saying by

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