Ex-Secret Service Dire WARNING: Trump’s Safety at Risk

As a conservative political commentator, Dan Bongino doesn’t make any bones about being on the right side of any question.

But as a former Secret Service agent protecting Democratic and Republican administrations, he hopes he’s dead wrong on this one.

And tens of millions of supporters of former President Donald Trump are hoping it with him.

In the opening of his Rumble show on Thursday, the ex-cop vented his worry that the security detail surrounding Trump on his third bid for the presidency won’t be robust enough to deter an assassination attempt of a man who’s a lightning rod for enemies — both abroad and at home.

Bongino promoted the show in a Twitter post that was starkly worded:

“Hard to talk about, but I’m growing concerned about President Trump’s safety,” it stated.

Near the beginning of the show, Bongino said he was spurred to talk about it by reports that suggest that “there’s an expectation that Trump may not be here for the election.”

“Having protected both Democrats and Republicans, protectees and presidents, right? I’m telling you, this guy’s in real danger,” said Bongino, who served in the Secret Service from 1999 — the tail end of the Bill Clinton presidency — to 2011, the early years of Barack Obama’s tenure.

“You’ve got the Iranian threat out there, from his actions against the Iranians,” he said. “The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t like him. They don’t want to see him back in power.

And that doesn’t even include the American left, which has made a campaign strategy out of stoking Trump hatred to a fever pitch since 2015, and has the assistance of the establishment media and leftist celebrities in doing it.

“There’s a unique, witches’ brew of threats for this guy,” Bongino said.

Check it out here (the quoted material here is all from Bongino’s opening, which takes up the first eight minutes or so):

Bongino made it clear he wasn’t just talking about the juvenile rhetoric of over-the-hill hacks — like comedian Kathy Griffin and her “decapitation” of Trump in 2017 or actor Robert DeNiro and his fake tough guy act throughout the Trump presidency, or the countless other vainglorious children of Hollywood and the left lying about their willingness to put their precious selves at risk in an attack on Trump.

He’s talking about a real, life-endangering threat — and one he said is made more likely because Trump’s level of protection is not where it needs to be.

For political considerations, he said, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Secret Service, could hamstring Trump’s security. (DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the man overseeing and facilitating the current invasion of the United States by literally millions of illegal aliens, hasn’t exactly covered himself with glory when it comes to preventing problems.

“My real concern here is, due to the partisan hatred of Donald Trump, that they may be pressured to not give him the security detail he needs … because they don’t want to make him look presidential, or different than the other candidates,” Bongino said.

Considering the malicious indifference of the Mayorkas tenure at DHS, Bongino’s worries about Trump’s level of protection can’t be dismissed as groundless.

And considering the persistent poisoning of Trump’s public image ever since he announced his first presidential bid in 2015, Bongino’s fears about an attack on the former president — launched by his foreign enemies, his domestic enemies, or some unholy alliance of the two — can’t be brushed aside.

Now that FBI Director Christopher Wray has all but completed the work former Director James Comey, acting former FBI Director Andrew McCabe and the rest to turn the bureau into a brothel of dishonesty, now that the malevolently scheming Merrick Garland has done the same with the Department of Justice, it could well be that the Secret Service is the last remaining federal law-enforcement agency that retains a modicum of trust among the American people.

If anything like an assassination attempt against Trump were to succeed, or even come close to success, that trust would be destroyed too.

And one more tenuous thread of unity that holds the country together would be snapped asunder.

Dan Bongino has been right many, many times in his life as a political commentator. Even liberals should hope he’s wrong on this one.

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