Elon Musk Asks if Snowden, Assange Should Be Pardoned, This Is What Twitter Followers Say

Former Central Intelligence Agency contractor Edward Snowden, a self-proclaimed whistleblower, as well as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have been pursued by the U.S. government for years over accusations they leaked confidential and sensitive information.

What Happened: Elon Musk on Saturday ran a poll on whether Assange and Snowden should be pardoned. He said the survey was not an expression of an opinion, but was meant to honor a promise he had made earlier. . .

Snowden Responds: Quote-tweeting the poll, Snowden said he and Assange were charged under a law designed to prevent fair trials. This law was originally aimed at suppressing an old, anti-war movement, he noted.

“Defendants are forbidden from mounting a public interest defense, juries prohibited from hearing it,” he added.

via joemiller

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