Election Workers Claim to be Victims of Threats After Roles in 2020 Election

A handful of election workers who played a part in the controversial results of the 2020 presidential election now claim that they have been facing threats against themselves, and may quit their jobs as a result, according to The Hill.
During testimony before Congress last week, several election officials from Maricopa County in Arizona claimed, without evidence, that they faced “armed almost-rioters in Maricopa County.” Adrian Fontes, the former county recorder for Maricopa County, claimed that protesters were “shouting my name and shouting for other election officials in the parking lot” outside the Elections Office in the days following the November 3rd election.
“That was certainly no civil act of protest,” Fontes falsely claimed. “That was not a grievance.”
Such claims were supported by several left-wing organizations, including the far-left Brennan Center for Justice, which issued a study in April claiming that 1 in every 6 election workers faced threats of violence after 2020, and that 1 in 3 workers feel “unsafe” as a result of their job. Attorney General Merrick Garland has repeated such unsubstantiated claims of a “dramatic increase in menacing and violent threats” against election workers.
There is widespread evidence of misconduct and corruption perpetrated by election workers across the country, and particularly in the key swing states, during the 2020 election. In Detroit, election workers were seen boarding up the windows of election centers so that observers and protesters could not see what was happening inside. In Atlanta, poll workers who had removed GOP observers and all other participants were caught on CCTV footage wheeling out suitcases full of ballots after everyone else had left, and continued counting ballots late into the night. GOP observers were physically barred from entering polling stations in Philadelphia and other cities across the country as questionable mail-in ballots were counted in the following days.
Nevertheless, the Left is continuing to hail such election officials as “heroic” for their efforts in 2020. David Becker, a spokesman for the Center for Election Innovation and Research, described election workers as having “pulled off probably one of the greatest stories in the history of American democracy. And their reward is that they and their families are being targeted…it’s so divorced from reality and how successful they were.”
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