Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Sleeping Giant Has Been Awakened’

The silver lining to the anti-American, anti-capitalism sentiment being pushed by leftist groups is Americans are “awakened” – not woke – to the dangers and the warnings of socialism throughout world history, according to Dr. Ben Carson to Newsmax.
“The sleeping giant has been awakened,” Carson, the former Trump administration secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told Monday’s “Cortes & Pellegrino.” “There are a lot of parent groups and other groups who actually are smart enough to see what is going on, and they’re not going to trade what we have for socialism or any other system.
“We have a wonderful system. We have an incredible country, a country that saved the world from Hitler and the Axis powers years ago. It has pretty much put an end to the despotic leaders that used to trample on everybody.”
Carson was referencing his comments rebuking critical race theory “indoctrination” of American students throughout education as “garbage” pushed by leftist ideological teachers.
“When they start at a very early age, hearing about how evil we are, it’s a natural outcropping of that,” Carson told co-hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino. “We’re teaching them the wrong things.”
Carson warned this ideological battle is the last frontier not just in America, but the world.
“If the United States goes under, the world goes under,” he said. “The United States is not just a place, it’s an ideal. America is an ideal about faith, about community and an ideal about liberty, and about life.
“And as long as we cling to those cornerstone principles, we’re going to be just fine.”
Carson noted anti-American sentiment and forces working against capitalism are “almost as if we’ve lost our minds collectively.”
“The idea of freedom and liberty and community – those are the things that made us into a great nation, the greatest nation the world has ever seen,” he added.
“There’s so many things that are going on right now that defy logic and common sense.”
This is a “divide and conquer” strategy Americans need to remain awakened to, Carson concluded.
“We just have to really start thinking and recognizing that there are those who want to accumulate power, and in order to do that, they have to divide us,” he said. “Divide and conquer – we have to be smart enough to recognize that and not fall for it.
“We have an amazing country, an incredible place.”
via newsmax

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