DOJ’s SNEAKY Plea Deal Exposes Shocking Detail (VIDEO)

Details of Hunter Biden’s collapsed plea deal were released and it is much worse than what is being reported by the liars in the mainstream media.

On Wednesday Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected the shameless sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden.

Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and he will avoid prison time on a felony gun charge.

According to the DOJ’s sweetheart deal, Hunter Biden would receive blanket immunity from future charges.

The sweetheart deal fell apart and Hunter Biden ended up pleading not guilty to the charges.

Former Assistant US Attorney, Will Scharf, broke down the DOJ’s sneaky sweetheart plea deal – and the sweetest part of the deal, the ‘blanket immunity,’ wasn’t even in the plea agreement!

Hunter Biden’s blanket immunity was hidden in paragraph 15 of the Pre-trial Diversion Agreement on the felony gun charge.

“In Hunter’s case, according to what folks in the courtroom have told me, Hunter’s plea was structured under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(c)(1)(B), which is usually just a plea in return for a joint sentencing recommendation only, and contained no information on its face about other potential charges, and contained no clear agreement by DOJ to forego prosecution of other charges,” Will Scharf said.

“Instead, DOJ and Hunter’s lawyers effectively hid that part of the agreement in what was publicly described as a pretrial diversion agreement relating to a § 922(g)(3) gun charge against Hunter for being a drug user in possession of a firearm,” Scharf said.

The lawyers slipped Hunter’s blanket immunity in the pre-trial diversion agreement so the judge could not accept – or reject – the blanket immunity part of the deal.

However, the judge smelled a rat and blew up the entire plea deal!

“So they put the facts in the plea agreement, but put their non-prosecution agreement in the pretrial diversion agreement, effectively hiding the full scope of what DOJ was offering and Hunter was obtaining through these proceedings. Hunter’s upside from this deal was vast immunity from further prosecution if he finished a couple years of probation, and the public wouldn’t be any the wiser because none of this was clearly stated on the face of the plea agreement, as would normally be the case,’ Will Scharf said.

William Scharf joined Charlie Kirk to discuss the Biden DOJ’s unprecedented sweetheart deal and blanket immunity.

“What we saw with this Hunter Biden deal was an attempt by the DOJ and Hunter’s legal team to let him walk out of court with total immunity,” Will Scharf told Charlie Kirk.


via patriottruthnews

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