SHIFT: DOJ Finally Acknowledges Hunter Laptop’s Legitimacy

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has, for the first time, officially acknowledged the legitimacy of the data found on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. The revelation comes as part of a court filing responding to Biden’s request to have federal firearm charges against him dismissed.

The court documents, filed on Tuesday, outline how IRS and FBI investigators obtained a search warrant for tax violations related to Biden, leading them to various backup data accounts. The filing underscores that investigators “already obtained” a substantial portion of the laptop data from Apple, including information from Biden’s iCloud account.

The court filings mention that investigators later acquired the physical laptop, which Biden had reportedly left at a computer store. A search warrant was obtained for the laptop, and the results were described as “largely duplicative of information investigators had already obtained from Apple.”

This acknowledgment marks a notable shift in the narrative surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which became a focal point of controversy before the 2020 election. Following the New York Post’s initial report on the laptop, Democratic officials, media outlets, and social media platforms faced backlash, with claims of “Russian disinformation” attempting to discredit the laptop’s contents. A letter from 51 former intelligence officials falsely asserting Russian involvement further fueled the narrative.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter censored the New York Post’s reporting, and President Joe Biden himself referred to the laptop contents as “Russia disinformation” during his 2020 campaign. However, recent court filings by the DOJ confirm the authenticity of the laptop data, adding a new layer to the ongoing saga.

Despite initial efforts to dismiss the laptop contents as misinformation, the FBI reportedly knew of the authenticity of the laptop’s contents through an interview with Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski confirmed the veracity of the laptop’s contents during an interview with the agency on October 23, 2020.

The DOJ’s recent acknowledgment is part of the response to Hunter Biden’s investigation for federal firearm charges, which his legal team sought to dismiss in December. Biden faces three federal gun charges related to an alleged illegal purchase of a revolver while battling drug addiction. While he pleaded not guilty in October 2023, the charges could carry a potential prison sentence of up to 25 years.

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