Does the Pope Not Support the Pelosi Communion Ban?

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto claimed on Friday that Pope Francis did not support barring pro-abortion politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion in the Catholic Church — but that’s not exactly what Pope Francis has said on the matter.

Sciutto shared an article from the San Francisco Chronicle announcing that Archbishop of San Francisco had banned Pelosi from receiving Communion due to her public advocacy for abortion access.

But Pope Francis did not say that he did not support individual pastors making the decision whether or not to deny access to the sacrament in specific cases — in fact, that’s exactly what he told them they must do.

He addressed the issue last September, telling journalists onboard the Papal plane that Catholics who supported abortion were “outside the community” and that the sacrament of Communion was for those who were “in the community,” or not estranged from it.

He argued that pastors should make those decisions themselves — and was careful to note that it was not about condemnation but about caring for them as parishioners. “And what should the pastor do? He shouldn’t go around condemning. And he must also be a pastor with those who are excommunicated, and be so with God’s style, which is closeness, compassion and tenderness.”

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