DEVILS: Facebook Restores President Trump’s Page

Last week after protesters and activists stormed the US Capitol the tech giants colluded and decided to remove the President of the United States.

They said Trump was dangerous for challenging the election.
They said Trump was responsible for the rioting that included Trump supporters and left-wing organizers and agitators.
We now know the riots started before President Trump finished speaking to nearly one million supporters at the Ellipse in Washington DC.
The tech giants silenced the leader of the Free World.
It was the first coup of a US President in our storied history.
America Just Experienced a Coup, But It Wasn’t By Trump
President Trump was silenced and isolated. Trump is planning on leaving Washington DC on Wednesday before the illigetimate inauguration.
Now that they have accomplished their mission the tech gods gave Donald Trump his Facebook page and Instagram account.
Of course, Facebook removed “President” from President Trump’s account.
But they were gracious enough to give him his account back — Until the next time they don’t like what he says.
via thegatewaypundit

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