Democrats’ Radical ‘Infrastructure’ Bill is Going to Drastically Change the Country

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Senior Christopher Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky break down the “progressive Christmas list” reconciliation bill disguised as “infrastructure” and why Republicans chose to help Democrats achieve their goals. . .
“There’s absolutely no reason for Republicans to back up any of this and it’s really pathetic as far as going in looking at the list of as 18 or 19 Republicans who voted for this bill, who voted for the transition bill because they’re walking into a Democrat trap,” Bedford said.
The infrastructure deal is packaged as something that will help the country but Bedford said it’s actually a way for Democrats to cede more control to the government and away from the people.
“They’re trying to fix the world, they’re trying to do all these things or come up with these ideas and it’s just important to keep in mind that the same people who are coming up with ideas to make your life better are the same people who think that it’s a pretty smart idea to have no police and let homeless people and drug addicts take over our cities and give them free needles,” Bedford said.
“These people think it’s good to make people not to have to pay rent anymore and to pay people to that work because of COVID and to tell your 10-year old that they have to wear a mask in school, and tell your 16-year-old granddaughter or daughter or you that you have to get an injection of a non-FDA approved gene therapy,” he added.
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