Democrats Melt Down Over New Bill

Democrats are melting down after Texas legislators passed a bill that permits state enforcement of immigration laws, including the arrest and detainment of illegals who unlawfully cross the US-Mexico border. Now awaiting Governor Greg Abbott’s approval, the bill aims to address the Biden administration’s disastrous open southern border policies. 

The measure, approved 83-61 in the state House and 17-11 in the state Senate, makes it a state crime (Class B misdemeanor) for anyone illegally crossing the border from Mexico between ports of entry.

“Texas has the right, authority, and ability to protect its borders,” Republican Representative David Spiller from Jacksboro, who wrote the House’s version. He said this measure is a “Texas solution to a Texas problem.”

Spiller said the law would solve the “crisis” at the southern border once Abbott passed it. He added:

“We still know that the Biden administration has failed and refused to enforce federal immigration laws and secure the border.”

President Biden and radical leftists own the southern border crisis. Since Biden took office, the US Customs and Border Protection has recorded more than 5.4 million illegal border crossings. And now, the migrant crisis has spread to the bluest ‘sanctuary cities,’ such as New York City.

Democrats were furious with the border security bill. Freshman Rep. Jolanda Jones, D-Houston, called it “un-American” and “racist.”

The only thing un-American is rogue Democrats undermining border security while not enforcing common sense law and order across major metro areas. The result is the nation sliding into a lawless hellhole.

via zerohedge

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