Democratic Lawmakers’ Move For Palestinians

Once again, it’s America last. In a leaked draft letter to President Joe Biden provided by dimwitted, destructive Democrats, they are moving to provide extended relief and residency to Palestinian people here on temporary visas.

The Daily Caller’s Chief National Correspondent Henry Rodgers shared the news, which was leaked to him by a Senate source.

Those who allegedly sent the letter include Senator Dick Durban of Illinois, Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois. These are the three imbeciles who are ready to open the floodgates to millions of Palestinian refugees and terrorists while throwing Israelis and Jewish Americans under the bus.

Take note of their names and make sure you vote them out next time around. Notice they are only proposing to extend this protection to the Palestinian people in the United States here on non-immigrant visas. They aren’t offering equal protection for any Israelis who are also here on the same type of visas.

Specifically, what the three stooges are requesting from the president is to “designate the Palestinian territories for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and/or authorize Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Palestinians present in the United States,” according to the letter. Later in the letter they cited that this new status would apply to a small number of Palestinian people. Those who would qualify include students, tourists, and workers.

Since Gaza and the West Bank are no longer safe or even livable in certain regions, these three bleeding hearts just don’t see how we can send Palestinian people back to it at present regardless of the end date designated on their temporary visas. But Israelis? They can go home. The double standard is rather revealing.

What’s also revealing is the fact that many of those Palestinian people that will fall under this protection are the very same people engaged in the massive protests on college campuses and in our city streets in favor of Hamas’ genocide. American Jews are now living in fear everyday when simply going about their lives.

No doubt, plenty of Palestinian people have died as a result of the attack on Gaza Hamas perpetuated. This letter, however, opens the door for more harm to be done to Americans.

When do we begin thinking about that? Or is that completely off the table?

What this measure does is prop the door open to Palestinian people and terrorist sympathizers who illegally entered our nation to access extended asylum.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already noted that the Israel-Hamas war will be long, encompassing many stages. Proposing to keep Palestinian people in the United States that arrived with the understanding that “their stay was temporary” and who are now demonstrating support for Hamas on American soil is ludicrous.

These people should delight in zero protections from our nation. It isn’t a precedent we want to set, especially in the face of our Jewish citizens and Israel, overall. Talking out of both sides of our mouths isn’t a good look, and rarely does it end well. No thanks.

In fact, they should be sent back today to fight alongside their illustrious “freedom fighters.”

That is how you solve this issue. It is what they deserve. As far as the three stooges in our government who came up with this brainstorm, they are traitors, just like the former President Barack Obama who won’t pick a side. They should lose their jobs.

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