DEM Senator Against Sanctioning Iranian Regime

A Maryland Democrat senator prompted anger from Iranian dissidents opposed to the theocratic, despotic Iranian regime when he informed them he would stall a bill sanctioning the leaders of the Iranian government for decades of human rights abuses.

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent a December 21 email saying he would not move forward with the MAHSA act, writing Iranian-American activist Nick Nikbakht, “At this time, our office will not be moving forward with this bill.”

“Despite the persistent advocacy, multiple meetings, and heartfelt pleas by Maryland constituents who sent letters, we’ve seen no movement from Senator Cardin and, more recently, been informed that they will not be moving forward with the bipartisan human rights bill,” Nikbakht told the Washington Free Beacon.

“Senate Democrats are delaying Israel aid while refusing to sanction Iran, the leading state backer of terrorism and the sworn enemy of Israel, Rep. Jim Banks, the sponsor of the MAHSA Act, (R-IN) told the Free Beacon. “We’re letting our enemies off the hook and leaving our allies in the lurch. It’s a recipe for chaos.”

via joemiller

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