DA Willis TROUBLES Mount – More Lies Exposed

The Fani Willis sideshow in Donald Trump's Georgia election trial is the gift that keeps on giving.

After initially lying about her relationship with Nathan Wade, a prosecutor, she paid $700,000 to help her 'get Trump,' Willis finally admitted to it after Wade's estranged wife began dropping receipts from their divorce proceeding.

That said, Willis lied again, according to Joycelyn Wade's legal team. The Fulton County CA claimed that her relationship with Nathan Wade didn't begin until after she paid him all that taxpayer money - despite the fact that Wade filed for divorce the day after he was hired.

According to a new filing, "witnesses will testify" that Wade "cohabitated with Ms. Willis at an AirBNB in Hapeville that was paid for by taxpayer money" which served as a "safe house" for their relationship, which began in 2019 - three years before Willis and Wade said it began.

Summing it up...

Meanwhile, USA Today has somehow found a way to make this about Trump...

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