CNN’s New President Has a Background in Smug Liberalism

CNN announced this week that it has a new president, Chris Licht. According to the headlines, he is going to restore a “hard-news sensibility” to the flailing network. Right. His background isn’t in hard news but in smug liberalism. His last job was as a producer for the late-night comedian Stephen Colbert, whose show is only notable for its ceaseless liberal bias.

That Licht could go from running a left-wing late-night show to heading up a supposed news network speaks volumes about the level of media bias today. In the past, such an unserious resume — Licht’s previous work also includes producing  MSNBC’s Morning Joe, another monument to smug liberalism — would have disqualified him from overseeing journalists. Now that background is exactly what “news” networks want, as they have become nothing more than liberal infotainment.

The hiring of Licht is not a deviation from the legacy of CNN’s previous president, Jeff Zucker, who turned the network into a continuous anti-Trump show, but a confirmation of it. Both Licht and Zucker are not journalists but producers from the liberal entertainment world. (READ MORE: What Pathetic Losers There Are at CNN!)

“News” is now just an extension of that entitled and frivolous culture. The wall between opinion and objective news has completely collapsed at CNN.  It was never that sturdy to begin with, even in the days of Ted Turner. But the joke is on us if we think that a former Colbert producer can rebuild it.

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