Chris Bedford: Media Are Activists That ‘Want To Destroy Christianity’

Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford discussed the uptick in Canadian churches being burned on Fox News Thursday with Shannon Bream, as outlined in his article “Anti-Christian Hysteria Has Grown Into Church-Burning Terror, And People Might Be Next,” published this week.
“It’s something that’s been going on broadly across the West,” Bedford said. “…In Canada, it has taken a rather twisted turn, where there is a history in Canada — a government policy — of trying to assimilate the First Nation Indians’ children. Now, this policy may have been good-intentioned, but it wasn’t handled well and it wasn’t executed right.”
Bedford noted poor conditions in church schooling, as well as how activists constructed a false narrative that has resulted in attacks.
“The Catholic church, among others, agreed to try and school these children. But the government didn’t provide them any resources, for this century or so of schooling. Very little, in fact,” he said. “…Because of crowding and bad conditions and bad health care in these schools, kids died at about twice the rate of other Canadian kids. And the places they were buried, where there were crosses, where there were fences, over a century the government neglected them. And they rotted.”
“Now, people that know full well that this has been public for years, that’s been apologized for by the church, that Pope Benedict apologized personally at the Vatican, that the last prime minister of Canada apologized, they’re acting like these cemeteries are unmarked mass graves …They’re using this to burn down indigenous churches, vandalize churches, churches that are centuries years old, that were built by hand by the people there who tried to worship God and find some peace and solace.”
The editor then described how corporate media has failed to condemn the targeting of Christians, erroneously referring to the historical period as genocidal.
“There was no genocide in Canada. There was a bad policy that the government took a long time to apologize for. The media, though, across the country and across the globe — from The Guardian in England to The New York Times, to others, have tried to justify this …A lot of the activists out there just want to destroy Christianity and think of it as a sign of the West.”
via thefederalist

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