China Stokes War Talk by Practicing Taiwan Invasion

China has staged military drills for invading Taiwan and has boasted of defeating the U.S. and Great Britain in any conflict, The Sun reported.
The Chinese communists, preparing for the possibility of an insurgency in Taiwan, conducted assault landing and island-control exercises in an attempt to show their military might, The Sun reported Thursday.
The Biden administration has backed Taiwan through vocal support and military signaling, though the White House has said the U.S. does not support Taiwan independence, Newsweek said.
China, however, continues to voice displeasure over Washington’s unofficial relationship with the self-ruled island.
During a monthly press briefing in Beijing on Thursday, China’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian warned the U.S. of “severe consequences” if it continues to support Taiwan.
“We earnestly warn the U.S. — those who play with fire will be burned,” Qian said.
China claims Taiwan is part of its “sacred territory,” and considers support from foreign states as direct interference in its internal affairs.
“Do not send the wrong signal to ‘Taiwan independence’ forces,” Wu said, “or else the U.S. will bear all severe consequences that it triggers.”
Qian accused the U.S. of “salami-slicing” tactics with the Trump and Biden administrations becoming less and less ambiguous about supporting Taiwan’s security.
Asked about U.S. Congress support of Taiwan — a U.S. Air Force cargo plane recently stopped in Taipei — Wu said the U.S. “will only cut itself on the hand” if it continues to help the island, Newsweek reported.
The Sun reported that China’s military has conducted 20 naval exercises in the first half of the year, after 13 exercises in 2020, based on data collected by the South China Morning Post.
State-controlled China Central Television broadcast simulations of amphibious landing, two types of drones, and launch rocket systems, The Sun reported. The video showed soldiers acting out missions, and amphibious assault vehicles firing guns at sea.
Chinese Communist Party leaders last month vowed to invade Taiwan if it seeks independence, with a government spokesman saying any move toward gaining freedom would mean “war.”
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, reelected in January, said there was no need to formally declare independence because Taiwan already was a sovereign state by the formal title Republic of China, Newsweek reported.
On Tuesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he was committed to having a constructive relationship with China and working on common challenges as he laid out his vision for ties with Beijing.
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