China Foreign Minister Slams Blinken For Fighting Terrorism “In A Selective Way”

In the aftermath of Biden’s catastrophic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, which not only handed the country with its vast natural resources to the Taliban on a silver platter along with tens of billions in ultra-modern US weapons, led to the deaths of at least 13 US service members, and also created a historic power vacuum just waiting for China and Russia to swoop in and realign the balance of power in Asia, China has taken particular delight in the unprecedented humiliation the US is suffering under its nearly octogenarian president, while also rubbing salt in the wound. 

Case in point, on Sunday during a phone call between the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, and US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, the US was urged to take “concrete actions” to help Afghanistan combat terrorism and avoid adopting double standards, according to the Global Times.

The talk took places three days after the bombing attacks which occurred outside the Kabul airport in the Afghan capital on Thursday leaving dozens dead, but also nearly two weeks after Wang and Blinken exchanged views over Afghanistan on August 16.

Wang said the domestic situation in Afghanistan has fundamentally changed and it is necessary for all parties to engage with and actively guide the Taliban, especially the US.

“Facts have proved once again that the Afghan war has not achieved its goal of eradicating terrorist forces in Afghanistan and a precipitate withdrawal of US and NATO forces could provide opportunities for various terrorist groups in Afghanistan to return,” said Wang.

Wang added that the US should “take concrete actions” to help combat terrorism and violence in the country under the premise of respecting Afghanistan’s sovereignty and independence, instead of “adopting double standards” or fighting terrorism “in a selective way.”

He also urged the US to work with the international community to help maintain the normal operation of the new Afghan government, social security and stability, and start the peaceful reconstruction of the country as soon as possible.

Blinken said the UN Security Council should send a unified voice to express the expectation of the international community that the Taliban should ensure the safe evacuation of foreign citizens, guarantee that the Afghan people will receive humanitarian aid and avoid becoming a haven for terrorism. Wang said the US is well aware of the causes of the current turmoil in Afghanistan and any action taken by the Security Council should be conducive to easing tensions rather than exacerbating them.

As for the piece de resistance, Wang urged the US to stop blindly smearing and attacking China and expressed firm opposition to the COVID-19 origins tracing report – which as we noted last week, was farcical beyond comprehension, with US “intelligence” agencies saying they are unable to make a definitive conclusion absent Chinese cooperation. Because clearly China will cooperate in implicating itself as the source of Covid.

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