J6 Response: Capitol Police Chief Raises Serious Allegations (VIDEO)

As Gateway reported, Tucker Carlson sat down to interview the former Chief of the Capitol Police Steven Sund again, since his Fox News interview with Sund was canned after Tucker’s firing. Sund, who was never called to testify before the J6 committee, raises serious allegations against Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and the Pentagon leadership of Gen. Mark Milley.

According to Steve Sund, the intel agencies had had several warnings of potential violence ahead of Jan. 6, but they were not communicated to him. “On Sunday and Monday, they had been discussing locking down the city… because of the concern for violence. You know who issues the permits on Capitol Hill for demonstrations? I do,” Sund told Tucker.

“You know who wasn’t told? Me. Instead, on January 4th, what does (Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher) Miller do? He puts out a memo restricting the National Guard from carrying the various weapons, any weapons, any civil disobedience equipment that would be utilized for the very demonstrations or violence that he sees coming. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’ve done many National Special Security events and this was handled very differently… It’s almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason”, Sund said. “It wasn’t right, the way the intelligence was handled and the way we were set up on the Hill.”

On Dec. 22, 2020, Congress changed the law requiring the Capitol Police Chief to request approval from the Capitol Police Board and congressional leadership (Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell) to request federal resources several days in advance of an event, Sund said.

“I was denied twice, because of optics, and because the intelligence didn’t support it”, Sund said, “by Paul Irving, House Sergeant at Arms, and Mike Stinger, Senate Sergeant at Arms… working for Pelosi on the House side and McConnell on the Senate side.”

“I’m the only police chief in the country who has a law preventing me (from protecting the Capitol) – It’s crazy that Congress passes a law that controls what I can do to protect the Capitol, even when we’re under attack. I have to go to those same two people to request the National Guard be brought in. I have 340 National Guard that have been activated. At least 150 to 180 of those are in the city, many within eyesight of the Capitol.”

At 12:53 pm on January 6, the Capitol came under attack, Sund said. At 12:55 pm, he placed a call to DC assistant police chief Jeff Carroll, asking for support. At 12:58 pm, he made his first call to the Sergeant at Arms, saying “Hey, it’s bad, we need assistance, we need to bring in the military immediately.”

House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving then told him “I’m gonna run it up the chain (to Nancy Pelosi), I’ll get back to you.”

“He didn’t have to do that,” Sund said. “The law says he could grant me authorization in an emergency. But he didn’t… The next call was to (Senate Sergeant at Arms) Mike Stinger, now the chairman of the Capitol Police Board. I said ‘We’re getting our asses handed to us on the West front’. He said, ‘Let’s wait for what we hear from Paul’.”

In the next 71 minutes, Sund made 32 calls to partner agencies, he said, despite not having authorization. “My first thought was, f*** it, I’ll take whatever discipline there is. Send me whatever you got. That’s the one text Secret Service turned over. Do you know how they lost all their texts? It’s the text between their Chief (Thomas) Sullivan and myself. Thank God for him.”

At 2:09 pm, Sund finally got approval to seek federal assistance. “I was so pissed off, I yelled at my watch commander, John Wisham:  ‘Mark the time as 2:10 pm I finally got approval for the National Guard.“

Tucker Carlson pointed out that Nancy Pelosi had later compared Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor, as the worst insurrection that had ever taken place on US soil, and yet failed to allow Sund to bring in the National Guard for 71 minutes. “They had to have known what was going on,” Sund said. “The fighting was going on right outside Mike Stinger’s office.”

“It doesn’t seem like people want to get to the bottom of this”, Sund said. “It is shocking.” Rep. Bennie Thompson, Chair of the J-6 Investigative Committee, had declared Nancy Pelosi “off limits”, Sund said. On July 28, 2021, Thompson hat claimed that “nothing is off-limits” in the sham witch hunt, obviously meaning Donald Trump and not Pelosi.

House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving had left the House Jan. 7 and has since remained largely invisible, Sund said, but was “extremely loyal” to Nancy Pelosi.

340 military were activated in DC for traffic control, Sund said, not specifically crowd control. “At 1:51 pm, I called General (William) Walker and said “Send me the National Guard’, I’ll have approval any minute now.”  Shortly after 2:09 pm, Sund called Walker to inform him the National Guard deployment to the capitol was approved. However, at 2:34 pm Sund was summoned to a call with Director of Army Staff Lt.-Gen. Walter Piatt and Gen. Charles Flynn, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. “The response was, I don’t like the optics of the National Guard on Capitol Hill.”

“I said ‘Sir, this is life and death.’ He said, ‘My recommendation is not to support the request.’ I still remember (Washington, D.C. police chief) Robert Conte going, ‘You’re denying the Chief of the Capitol Police?’”

“I’m still on the call when we had the shooting of Ashlii Babbitt. I said, ‘We have shots fired on the US Capitol, is that urgent enough for you now?’ … Do you know when the National Guard finally arrived? 6 pm.” The 180 troops who had been within eyesight of the Capitol were withdrawn to the DC Armory and the evening troops sent instead, Sund said. “You know what else they did? The Pentagon sent in resources to protect Generals’ houses, but not me… I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I can see where people begin to go down that rabbit hole.”

When the National Guard finally showed up at the Capitol at 6 pm, Sund said, “they lined them up with their shields and they take pictures for military magazines with the Capitol in the background. The very optics they said they were so concerned about.”

The New Jersey State police drove 200 miles and beat the DC National Guard to the capitol, Sund noted. “I had DC National Guard men and women who were so pissed off that they weren’t allowed to respond,” Sund said. “They were extremely upset.”

National Guard “General (William) Walker called me up and said, ‘Steve, I felt so bad.’ He said he wasn’t allowed to go. The Pentagon wasn’t allowing it.” The DoD had emergency response authority but did not respond, Sund said.

Asked whether there were Federal agents at the Capitol that day, Sund said: “that wouldn’t be unusual”. However, he had not been informed of such presence.

By Jan. 6, the FBI was tracking 18 or 19 domestic terrorism suspects that were talking about coming to DC for Jan. 6.  “Of course, they’re going to have resources, and not just one agent. That would be standard police work. I wouldn’t be surprised by that. But not to share that (information)? That’s concerning.”

“Nowhere do I want to imply that agencies instigated this,” Sund warned. “A lot of these agencies came to my defense. But if you think that 19 domestic terrorists are coming to an event, somewhere that would have been included in a report.”

Tucker asked Sund about “people in the crowd who were instigating others to break the law and who weren’t arrested,” such as Ray Epps. Epps was seen on Jan. 6 at the Pennsylvania Avenue Gate with signs saying ‘Restricted’, whispering in a person’s ear just before that person started attacking officers, Sund said.

On Jan. 7, Nancy Pelosi blamed Steven Sund for “a failure of leadership at the top”, who resigned on Jan. 8. He was then replaced by Officer Yogananda Pittmann, the intelligence officer of the Capitol Police Force, who would have been responsible for any intelligence failures on that day. On Feb. 15, 2021, Pittmann suffered a 92% no-confidence vote from the Capitol Police Force and left for a high-paying job as head of the UC Berkeley police UCPD across from Nancy Pelosi’s district, Sund pointed out. Pittmann began work at UCPD on February 1, 2023, while still collecting pay and benefits from the Capitol Police Force for several months, Sund noted. This “appears to be against department policy”, Sund noted.

“I know the unit had significant intelligence, and many people were pushing that intelligence up to the leadership”, Sund said. “Many of them became whistleblowers, and many were forced to resign.”

“This looks like a scam”, Tucker Carlson noted.

“I knew there was something pretty strange going on pretty soon. When they didn’t want me to testify, and then I started sitting down and talking with officers, seeing some of the e-mails of the intelligence analysts pushing it up to their officials,  I knew something was fishy. How can somebody look at all this and not think something’s odd?”

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