Burgess Owens: Maxine Waters Incites, Then Watches From Comfy Home

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., may like to incite dangerous protests, but you won’t find her risking life and limb when they actually take place, Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, tells Newsmax TV.
“Just realize where Maxine Waters is gonna be when things break out,” Owens said Monday on “Spicer & Co.” “She’ll be home in California in her nice little million-dollar mansion watching on a big screen TV. That’s what race-baiters do. They show up, they incite, they get people angry, and then they go home and enjoy the process on TV, so they can get more power.”
Black Americans are angry, Owens said, and don’t trust white people or the police, and politicians like Waters take advantage of the situation.
Both Waters and Owens are Black.
Owens said it’s vital to unify and recognize that police officers are normal men and women like everyone else.
“We have to respect that and teach our young people to respect authority, respect elders respect, period, our flag, our country and we get back to that and we’ll have a lot less these issues with dealing with this divisiveness that we have seen,” he said.
Those who are telling people to riot need to be held accountable, Owens said, adding, “People are gonna get hurt. Things will be burned and … possibly somebody’s gonna die because of this kind of rhetoric, and we cannot stand for that.”
Owens wants to see a top-down strategy of police working with the community to know each other. He said when Black communities have it drilled into them constantly that the police are bad and that they should be defunded it builds a sense of mistrust that leads to confrontation.
Ninety-nine percent of police officers are decent people doing the right thing, he said. When one of them is killed in the line of duty, he said, there’s no protest for them.
“What we have to do is recognize these are real people, leaving home every single morning, hoping to come back home again, and they just want to get back safely, and they’re dealing with a lot of bad actors,” he said.
And when prisoners are released back into the community “like the left is doing right now you have many more bad actors that the community wants to be safe from,” Owens added. “I think the bottom line is — remember that good Black Americans in these communities want to be safe, they want their kids to be safe.”On a separate subject, Owens addressed an editorial cartoon in the Salt Lake Tribune that compared him to a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
“I know one thing about growing up in the Deep South, you have two types of racists,” Owens said. “One is in your face. That’s the stupid ones that let you know who exactly they are. Then there’s the slick ones. The ones who smile as long you say exactly what Black people are supposed to say.” But, he added, the minute you become independent or talk about the growth of your community, “they’re coming at you big time. I call it a high tech lynching.”
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