BREAKING: News Producer AWOL After FBI Visit

ABC News reporter and investigative journalist James Gordon Meek "fell off the face of the Earth" and has not been seen by his neighbors or colleagues since the FBI raided his home in late April, Rolling Stone reported.

The FBI told Rolling Stone that agents were present on April 27 "at the 2300 block of Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia, conducting court-authorized law-enforcement activity," where Meek lived in the Siena Park apartments for more than a decade.

"The FBI cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation," a Bureau spokesperson added.

Since the raid, none of Meek's neighbors or colleagues have seen him. Meek sent his last tweet on the morning of April 27.

"He fell off the face of the Earth," one of Meek's neighbors told Rolling Stone. "And people asked, but no one knew the answer."

via patriottruthnews

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