High Stakes in Senate: Debt Ceiling Bill Nears Deadline

The House of Representatives on Wednesday evening passed the McCarthy-Biden debt ceiling bill.

The bill will advance to the Senate ahead of the June 5 deadline.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Mitch McConnell vowed to push the bill through as quickly as possible.

The McCarthy-Biden bill raises the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling that funds the green new deal, decimates the energy sector, funds tens of thousands of new IRS agents, funds the corrupt Chris Wray FBI, and pushes ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ – code words for socialism.

CNBC reported:

A bill to raise the debt limit and cap government spending passed in the House by a wide margin late Wednesday, sending the bill to the Senate just days before Monday’s U.S. default deadline.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act passed with support from both Democrats and Republicans, a dramatic conclusion to weeks of tense negotiations between the White House and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

That drama now moves to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where leaders on both sides want to pass it in 48 hours.

via thegatewaypundit

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