BREAKING: Hunter Willing to Testify, But There’s A Twist

The attorneys for Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden says he is willing to testify in a public hearing before the House Oversight Panel.

This could spell disaster for the Biden Crime Family.

The House Oversight Committee hearing is scheduled for December 13th.

NBC News reported:

Hunter Biden is open to testifying publicly before the Republican-led House Oversight Committee on Dec. 13 in a letter his lawyer sent to the panel Tuesday.

The president’s son was subpoenaed by House Republicans in early November and summoned to appear for a closed-door transcribed interview as part of an escalation of Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into the president.

“We have seen you use closed-door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public. We therefore propose opening the door,” his lawyer Abbe Lowell said.

A spokesperson for House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer did not immediately respond to a request to comment by NBC News.

This could be a very dangerous move by the Biden Crime family and the lawless Democrat Party.

For years now, The Gateway Pundit has reported on numerous criminal acts conducted by reprobate Hunter Biden.

Joe Hoft reported in February.

For several decades, the Biden crime family made millions off the family name in pay-for-play schemes.  The Bidens did this by illegally handling classified documents, sharing related information overseas (espionage), committing FARA violations, and even participating in the development of Biolabs in Ukraine.

1. The Gateway Pundit reported in February that the Bidens were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business.  This was in response to Miranda Devine’s report at the New York Post where she identified an email with 22 points that was not written by Hunter Biden.

HERE IT IS – THE SMOKING GUN: The 20 Point Email of Classified Information from His Father that Hunter Biden Sent to Burisma Board Member in April 2014

2. Also in February TGP reported a second email that showed Hunter Biden was sharing classified information with individuals at Burisma in Ukraine, which is the definition of espionage.

MORE: Hunter Biden’s Biolab Firm Metabiota Linked to EcoHealth, World Economic Forum – Russia Claims it has 20.000 Biolab Documents

3. Later that month TGP uncovered a third email showing more Biden family crimes related to classified information and espionage.

The email discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop was sent from Blue Star Strategies, a firm that has reportedly been under investigation by the DOJ since 2021.  The email that was sent in December 2015 had an attachment that included classified information from a White House conference call on Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Ukraine.  This email was also sent to Burisma and it implicates Joe Biden.

4. And TGP uncovered that Hunter had never registered as a foreign agent for years.  His work appears to be mostly acting as an agent for foreign entities.

5. TGP also reported that the Biden family is a crime family.  The whole world knew that when they wanted something illegal or under the table taken care of, they needed to pay the Biden crime family to get it fixed.

6. TGP has reported on Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine and his involvement with Biolabs that were put in place there.

When the war broke out with Russia, Ukraine’s President Zelensky sent out a decree to destroy all information on the company Hunter Biden invested in, Metabiota.

7. TGP reported that Metabiota experimented with bat viruses.

Back in March 2022, TGP reported on Metabiota’s CEO Tom Wolf who had connections to the NIH and the DOD.  This week we reported that after Hunter invested in Metabiota, the company was awarded tens of millions of DOD contracts.  Metabiota experimented with bat viruses in at least one of these labs.

MORE: Hunter Biden’s Biolab Firm Metabiota Linked to EcoHealth, World Economic Forum – Russia Claims it has 20.000 Biolab Documents

8. TGP also tied Metabiota to the World Economic Forum.

This is a never-ending rabbit hole that has no end.  What a mess and nightmare.

Please Note: The Hunter Biden emails we include that are not included in tweets are original source data taken directly from the Hunter Biden laptop computer by the investigator working with John Paul Mac Isaac.  The chain of custody is known and complete.  This is the only source that has chain of custody verification, has been authenticated and came from the original image from the Hunter Biden laptop.

via thegatewaypundit

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