BREAKING: Dems SUE to stop Arizona Senate from forensic audit of 2020 election

Say it ain’t so! Democrats in Arizona don’t want anyone looking under the tables to see what really happened in November and they are suing to stop the Senate from conducting their forensic audit of the 2020 election:

The audit is set to begin tomorrow morning:

Democrats already won the 2020 election, so what exactly are they afraid of people finding out? If everything was truly on the up and up, as they like to claim, then they should have nothing to worry about. Except they are freaking terrified, which tells us a lot about what this forensic audit will determine.
Let’s just hope they lose in court over this one. It really should be a slam dunk for Senate Republicans, but we know how bad our court system can be if you aren’t a liberal.
via therightscoop

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