BOOM! Impeachment Following Archer’s Testimony (VIDEO)

House Oversight Chairman James Comer joined Greg Kelly on Monday night following the testimony earlier today by Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer in testimony before the committee.

And, Devon Archer sang like a bird. As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today, Devon Archer was understandably upset when Joe Biden’s Department of Justice arrested him and sentenced him to over a year in prison earlier this year.

On Monday Devon Archer told House investigators that Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden’s clients numerous times, joined into meetings over the phone, and the family was rewarded with tens of millions of dollars for influence peddling and bribery schemes.

On Monday night Chairman Comer told Greg Kelly that Speaker McCarthy called and they discussed steps in impeachment following today’s explosive hearing.

Greg Kelly: How can a guy like this stay in office? You heard Speaker McCarthy. He’s talking about impeachment… If this is bribery, that’s in the Constitution. I mean, do you think he’s going to get impeached? Should he be impeached?

Chairman James Comer: Well, I know how I would vote, but again, that’s a decision for Speaker McCarthy. But I’ll tell you this. Right before I came on the show, speaker McCarthy called me and I gave him a rundown of what was said today. And we talked about steps moving forward. So stay tuned.

Comer added, “It’s like a snowball rolling downhill.”

Boom! It’s happening.

Via Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

via thegatewaypundit

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