Black People Apparently Promote White Supremacy by Smoking Menthol Cigarettes

Pretty much everything about “systemic racism” and “institutionalized racism” in the United States is a lie, a way to guilt normal, middle-class people into handing money and power to whoever is telling it (Democrats and liberals).
To get a sense of just how absurd it gets, the Washington Post on Wednesday reported on President Joe Biden’s expected proposal to ban cigarette companies from using menthol in their product because black people have a preference for those types of cigarettes, and using them is exacerbating health problems in that population.
The report said that anti-smoking advocates “became more optimistic about a possible federal ban in recent months amid President Biden’s repeated vows to reduce health disparities made glaringly obvious by the coronavirus pandemic, and efforts by the Black Lives Matter movement to focus on institutionalized racism.”
Wait a second. If black people are choosing to smoke cigarettes that disproportionately affect the black population, wouldn’t that mean that they themselves are perpetuating “institutionalized racism”?
via joemiller

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