Black Murder Rate Soars Thanks to BLM And Lefty Politicians

If you think Dogecoin is going to the moon, wait until you see the black-on-black murder rate.
As per the “Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities” report by CCJ (the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice), murder is way up.
I’ve never heard of them either. A weird combo report on the Covid virus and crime.
The January 2021 report states that crime is skyrocketing in major U.S. cities.  They report an overall 30% rise in murder from 2019-2020. Most of the victims are black and most were killed by black people. Despite the grotesques rise in murder rates, left-leaning crime studies, including this one, always point out, “At least it’s better now than it was in 1995.”
Why the increase? Many of these cities saw BLM riots last summer. BLM burned buildings and demanded their police be defunded. Police chiefs resigned nationwide. Cops are retiring in record numbers. Bail reform lets criminals walk freely. Jails full of felons were emptied (just in time to refill them with those violent anti-maskers). The liberals got what the liberals wanted, and black people are paying the price.
The CCJ report isn’t an eye-opener. It’s more of a sleep aid as it will be avoided more than Casey Anthony on Mother’s Day. If you rubbed Al Sharpton’s nose on this report he would just fall back on what the left claims are the usual causes of black-on-black crime: systemic racism, and institutionalized white supremacy. Poverty comes up, but that too is, of course, caused by systemic racism and white supremacy. Even this report suggests fixing the murder problem by “subduing the pandemic” and addressing problems with police and the legal system. Not a word about personal responsibility.
For a nation bursting at the belly with systemic racism, we seem to be pretty bad at it. As per Pew Research, when Nancy Pelosi swore in the 117th Congress on January 3rd, it was the most racially diverse in history. Twenty-three percent of the House and Senate are racial or ethnic minorities. It was the 6th swearing-in in a row that had more minorities than the prior Congress and a 97% increase since the 2001-2003 Congress. For a nation of racists, we suck at being racist. I don’t know what those white supremacists are doing but it’s working pretty well for black people.
Fact-O-Rama! The FBI and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) agree there are about 5,000 white supremacists in the country, roughly the same number of captive tigers in the U.S.
Maybe the problem isn’t systemic racism and white supremacy. Maybe the problem is progressive politicians, LeBron James, and BLM. The liberal indoctrination is “due to systemic racism and white supremacy, black people can’t win and it’s not their fault.” This lie only fills black people with hopelessness, despair, and anger.  Gee, what could possibly go wrong after all that?
The dirty little secret of black-on-black crime is ignored by the media, who then propagate the lie that white cops are murdering droves of innocent, unarmed black men. Why? Money. Racism is business and business is good. Don Lemon can’t hold an audience reporting on black kids killed by black gangbangers, or how 1,000 more black people were murdered in 2020 than in 2019. White Marxists aren’t going to gorge on avocado toast while Rachel Maddow talks about how, as of today, 1,150 people have been shot in Chicago and 80% are black. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the last remaining commie Marxist founder of BLM, is looking at properties in the Bahamas. She already has five houses in the U.S. NO justice no peace, because peace won’t buy Patrisse that 6th mansion. It seems black lives don’t matter to BLM. Show me the money.
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