Crime Wave: South American Gangs Exploit Biden’s Border Crisis

For one South American criminal gang, President Joe Biden’s border disaster means business is booming.

While New York is swamped by the flood of “asylum seekers” coming across the nation’s southern border, one group in particular is setting down roots in the city, according to the New York Post.

And it’s not the kind sane Americans want in their neighborhoods.

The gang is Tren de Aragua, a Venezuelan criminal organization that has set up a North American division as its members have joined the 170,000 (and counting) migrants who have made their way from the border to New York since the beginning of last year.

According to the Post, it’s the gang that’s most likely behind an outbreak of robberies in New York in which thieves riding mopeds target victims who are using cellphones.

The criminals steal the devices, disable their locking features, then use them to try to drain the victims’ finances before shipping the stolen phones off for resale in South America, according to the Post.

The gang’s name, Spanish for “Aragua Train,” refers to a locomotion construction project in the north-central Venezuelan state of Aragua.

According to the Post, it started among union members who grew the graft and grift of a train construction project into a “violent gang involved in robberies, drug-dealing and human trafficking across South America.”

“Their violent practices have shocked even the most hardened in South America, particularly for their willingness to kill women,” the Post reported.

They sound charming. And now, thanks to the Biden border collapse, they’re across North America, too.

Check out the Post’s video on the gang here:

WARNING: The video has violent content that could disturb some viewers.

According to the Post, police have “concerns” that the gang might have had a hand in the now-notorious Jan. 27 mob attack on two New York City police officers that infuriated Americans across the country.

The fact that the attackers were allowed to basically walk free under New York’s Democratic “bail reform” — while one flipped the bird to the entire city — only stoked the outrage more.

(It’s also possible, of course, that those attackers weren’t part of the gang, just run-of-the-mill viciously violent criminals roaming American streets in certain jurisdictions because Democrats at the local level and state levels, in Congress and at the White House either refuse to recognize reality or are willing to sacrifice their fellow citizens on the altar of socialist good. That’s not exactly comforting either.)

The gang first started showing up in 2017, the Post reported, citing Ammon Blair, a former Border Patrol agent who is now at the conservative think tank the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“But from October 2022 to September 2023, more than 334,000 Venezuelans crossed the border — second only to 735,000 Mexicans — with Tren de Aragua playing a key part in trafficking many from Venezuela,” the Post reported.

The words “playing a key part” in this context mainly mean “getting a lot of money from.”

“When they crossed the border into Colombia, they began to control everyone’s passage, charging fees to other Venezuelans to make the crossing,” Robert Alamonte, a security consultant and former U.S. Marshal, told the Post.

And their activity doesn’t stop at Venezuela’s borders.

“Almonte said the group is so brazen that a Texas state anti-gang task force recently documented them charging fellow Venezuelans to use federal toilet facilities at the border,” the Post reported.

Your tax dollars at work, making money for a Venezuelan gang so brazen it takes over government toilets and turns them into private assets.

And now, according to the Post, that same gang apparently is bringing a tried-and-true, sinister scheme from its South American beginnings to the Big Apple:

It recruits foot soldiers from areas where there are young, idle men (and New York’s migrant shelters have plenty of them). The recruits then fan out in two-man teams on mopeds, one to drive and the other to snatch cellphones and women’s purses.

The phones are brought to a criminal location and used for identity theft could leave victims penniless (depending on the accounts available on the phone).

“Once delivered to the safe house the hackers get to work, hunting for bank accounts, payment apps and credit cards,” the Post reported.”According to experts, they can change codes, making it difficult for victims to stop the speedy ransacking of their accounts. Having stolen IDs from purses also helps them hack.”

On one hand, this is an old story. Human nature being what it is, criminal gangs have been importing themselves into the United States probably for as long as there has been a United States. (The Mafia is probably the easiest example, but hardly the only one.)

But what is new is that a criminal gang is setting up shop in a major American city thanks directly to an American president and an American political party that refuse for ideological reasons to enforce the laws that exist that would keep their countrymen safer.

Biden has claimed the office of the presidency needs more power for him to control the border, but it’s a lie, and everyone knows it’s a lie.

In his presidency, Donald Trump, in the face of furious opposition from Democrats and the establishment media, managed to impose some order on a border that threatened to explode on his watch.

When Biden took office, he reversed every one of Trump’s steps and directly gave birth to the daily disaster the country is witnessing now.

Inflation might be brutalizing the country and Americans might have soured on the Bidenomics economy, but for Venezuelan gangsters, business is booming.

And it’s directly thanks to Joe Biden and his Democratic Party.

All Americans — no matter their party — need to remember that in November.

via westernjournal

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