Biden’s Latest Anti-Trump Strategy Crashed His Approval Rate

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

President Biden is now over 6 percentage points less favored than Trump was at this time into his term, and perhaps worse still for the Washington spin-meisters, Biden’s own record low approval rating is equal to the lowest level that Trump ever achieved…

Source: Bloomberg

Worse still, Biden’s approval rating is plunging despite gas prices starting to come down (amid recession fears)

Source: Bloomberg

So perhaps it’s something else that is bugging ‘average joe’ about ‘president joe’?

In fact, it is so bad that, according to a new New York Times/Siena College poll, a majority of Democrats say they would prefer a new candidate over President Biden on the ballot in 2024.

Decades-high inflation, record-high gas prices, record-low approval ratings, and concerns about Biden’s age are among the many issues that have prompted roughly 64% of Democratic voters polled to believe the party should nominate a different candidate for president in 2024.

As Axios reports, that figure is even starker among young Democratic voters, with 94% of those aged 18–29 saying they would prefer a new candidate. Furthermore, a mere 33% of all respondents in the survey said they somewhat or strongly approved of the job Biden has done as president.

Only 13% of respondents said they believe the country is on the right track, the lowest the Times has found since the height of the financial crisis over 10 years ago, per the New York Times.

The good news for Republicans is that President Biden has stated more than once he intends to run for re-election in 2024.

But, a panel on Chuck Todd’s NBC show let slip the new strategy for 2024 – hope Trump dies…

As Summit News’ Steve Watson reports, the Meet The Press host asked his guests how would Trump accept losing if he ran again, to which National Review editor Rich Lowry began to respond that there is only a 15% chance that Trump will not run.

Todd then suggested that “the only answer [to that question] is death.”

Atlantic journalist Mark Leibovich then chimed in and suggested that “the only plan we have, as one former Republican congressman said… is sitting around hoping he [Trump] dies.”


While we are well aware of the macabre-ness of this, if we were gambling men, we might humbly suggest these Democratic and anti-Trump strategists are betting on the wrong man to die first.

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