EXPOSED: Biden’s Involvement in Hamas Attack on Israel

A column published by Real Clear Wire has launched an examination of Joe Biden's "culpability" for the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, when some 1,400 civilians were slaughtered.

The column is by Ben Weingarten, a fellow at the Claremont Institute and a senior contributor at the Federalist.

It was on Oct. 7 that Hamas terrorists invaded Israel from Gaza, butchering people wholesale. They beheaded babies and burned whole families alive, committing horrendous violations on the bodies of the dead.

What led up to the atrocities? Weingarten explains:

"The Biden White House has sought to upend the Trump administration's Middle East policy that had fostered the warming Israeli-Arab relations codified in the Abraham Accords; imperiled Iran’s mullahcracy through a maximum pressure campaign of which the Abraham Accords were one part, and overwhelming force, prudently applied, was another; and stood with the Jewish state against hostile and recalcitrant Palestinian Arab forces," he wrote.

"The Trump administration rejected the idea that the conflict between the two sides was the key regional irritant, and that coddling the Palestinians while cudgeling the Israelis would produce peace."

The results of Trump's policies were, he said, "that Iran and its proxies were deterred. There was regional stability. The benefits redounded to America’s national interest."

The change came when Biden took office.

"The billions in oil sales that Iran has raked in due to the Biden administration’s unwillingness to enforce sanctions, and the reward that it has provided the mullahs for their hostage-taking in still-more unfrozen billions, are but two indicators of a disastrous reversal in policy."

He said Biden further has "empowered and emboldened Iran and its proxies through letting missile and drone sanctions lapse; de-designating the Houthis as a terrorist group; and lavishing hundreds of millions of dollars on Lebanese security forces flowing to Hezbollah, and to the Palestinian Authority and United Nations agencies like UNRWA – a portion of which flow, directly or indirectly, to Hamas in Gaza."

Then Biden took it further, naming Qatar, "which harbors Hamas’ leaders in luxury in Doha," as an ally on par with Israel.

"The Biden administration has lavished funds on, or partially supported, virtually all of the key actors whom the report cites as having contributed to Hamas’ attack," he explained.

All of Biden's agenda appears to point toward his demands for a rerun of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a Barack Obama scheme that eventually would allow Iran to gain access to nuclear weapons, from which President Trump withdraw America because of the plan's failures.

He cited evidence that from the start, the Biden entourage was "hostile" to the peace-establishing Abraham Accords, and the White House has exhibited "hostility" toward Israel's government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

"This can be seen not only in President Biden’s personal snubs of the prime minister, or his funding of and support for the adversarial Palestinian Authority and associated United Nations agencies that had been curtailed under Trump, but also in his efforts to delegitimize the Netanyahu government over its favored judicial reforms and other policies, while supporting the left-wing opposition."

Weingarten cited a report from the nonpartisan Council for a Secure America that "begins by placing the Hamas massacre in its proper context: that this was an Iran-backed intifada-in-a-day, perpetrated by a genocidal jihadist group supported by three-quarters of Palestinian Arabs from Gaza and the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority – and staged from land that Israel had ceded them."

The report explains how oil revenue "is the lifeblood of the Iranian mullahcracy and indicates that unenforced oil sanctions on Iran in recent years have been pivotal to refilling the mullahcracy’s coffers. This, in turn, has helped the regime finance its proxy Hamas’ operations, culminating in the mass murder, mutilation, rape, and hostage-taking of Oct. 7."

He documented that Iran may have felt pressure to act against Israel now, since it very well "could be facing down a Trump administration in 2025."

Weingarten pointed out the report analyzing Hamas' terror attack also "calls for sanctioning Iran’s oil sales, maintaining American military force posture in the region, and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, among other policies."

But he warned, "The evidence suggests that the Biden administration has done little if anything to halt Iran’s booming oil business – nor otherwise to significantly punish the regime and its allies for their malevolence. And as it is currently operating, America’s military is clearly not deterring Iranian aggression."

Even now, the Biden administration is micromanaging Israel's response to the terrorism, in fact impeding Israel by "subjecting it to crippling rules of engagement – largely to Hamas’ benefit – while initiating an apparent whisper campaign suggesting that Netanyahu’s days are numbered, and again, seeking to pre-dictate a likely untenable 'peace' in Gaza."

He wondered: "Whose interest is the Biden administration pursuing?"

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