Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Pullout To Be Investigated

Diana Shaw, acting inspector general for the State Department, has launched a series of investigations into President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. . .

An action memorandum sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken on October 15 indicated that the probe will focus on:

State Department’s Special Immigrant Visa program; Afghans processed for refugee admission into the U.S.; resettlement of those refugees and visa recipients; and the emergency evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul ‘to include evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan nationals.’

In a letter sent on Monday, Shaw notified leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee of the investigation, describing them as “several oversight projects.”

“Given the elevated interest in this work by Congress and the unique circumstances requiring coordination across the Inspector General community, I wanted to notify our committees of jurisdiction of this important work,” Shaw wrote.


State Watchdog to Launch Review of Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

The acting inspector general of the State Department is launching a number of inquiries into the Biden administration’s handling of the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to a notification sent to Congress and obtained by The Hill.

State Department acting Inspector General Diana Shaw on Monday notified the chairs and ranking members of relevant committees in the House and Senate that the investigative body would be launching “several oversight projects related to the suspension of operations at U.S. Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan.” . . .

Shaw will focus on four areas of inquiry, including a review of the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program; the process for refugee admission in the U.S.; resettlement of Afghan refugees and visa recipients; and Embassy Kabul’s emergency action planning and execution, including the evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan nationals.

The Biden administration’s end of operations in Afghanistan was thrown into chaos with the fall of the Western-backed government in Kabul on Aug. 15 to a lightening takeover of the country by the Taliban, the fundamentalist Islamist group that had battled U.S. forces over 20 years of engagement in Afghanistan.

Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized the administration’s handling of the U.S. exit from Afghanistan, questioning how two decades of financial and physical investment failed to stand up the Afghan government and armed forces in the face of the insurgent Taliban.

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