BAD NEWS For Biden – Ballot Lost In Red State

President Biden will not appear on New Hampshire’s 2024 Democratic primary ballot, as the state’s insistence on retaining its “first in the nation” tradition — in contradiction of the DNC’s new primary calendar — is causing intra-party conflict.  

“While the president wishes to participate in the Primary, he is obligated as a Democratic candidate for President to comply with the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2024 Democratic National Convention promulgated by the Democratic National Committee,” Biden 2024 campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez wrote in a letter to the New Hampshire Democratic party chairman. “In accordance with this guidance, Biden for President will refrain from submitting a Declaration of Candidacy.” 

In February, the DNC approved a new early-primary sequence, booting the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary from their respective first and second slots. The new DNC schedule puts South Carolina first, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire going on the same day. In 2020, Biden placed a crummy fifth in the New Hampshire primary, garnering just 8.4% of the votes and trailing Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

Biden campaigning in New Hampshire in 2020: He finished fifth, with a single-digit share of votes (Scott Eisen/Getty found that 67% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents want someone other than Biden

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