Conflicting Reports: White House Denies Israel-Hamas Deal

On Saturday the Washington Post reported that Israel and Hamas agreed to a 5-day pause in fighting that involved freeing of dozens of Israeli hostages.

Hamas is been holding over 200 Jewish hostages in Gaza for over a month now since the horrific attack in southern Israel on Oct. 7 when 1,400 Jews were slaughtered by the terrorists.

The Biden White House later came out to deny the Washington Post report saying there will be no pause in fighting.

The New York Post reported:

A tentative US-brokered deal between Israel and Hamas could free several women and children being held hostage in Gaza — and lead to a five-day halt in fighting, the first since the war began six weeks ago, according to a report that the White House denied.

Dozens of women and children could be freed in the next several days, which would coincide with the first pause since Hamas’ shocking Oct. 7 attack on Israel, sources familiar with the deal told the Washington Post Saturday night.

However, in a tweet responding to the report, White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson wrote that a deal has not yet been reached “but we continue to work hard to get to a deal.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters earlier Saturday that “there was no deal on the table” regarding the hostages “as of now,” and dismissed “incorrect reports” about the situation, The Times of Israel reported.

Several young women were taken hostage on October 7 when Hamas targeted a dance festival in the desert. At least 300 young adults were slaughtered there by Hamas.

40 young women pictured here are still missing and being held in Gaza.

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