Biden vs. DeSantis – Treasury Dept to Investigate Gov. for Misusing CVD Relief Funds

Joe Biden is now weaponizing his Treasury Department to go after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Treasury Department is going to investigate whether DeSantis improperly used Covid relief funds to fly illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard.

DeSantis sent two planes of illegals to Martha's Vineyard last month.

The white limousine liberals freaked out when their new brown neighbors were dropped off at their doorstep.

Less than 36 hours later - the sanctuary island of Martha's Vineyard DEPORTED the illegal aliens in buses.

Instead of welcoming the poors, the white liberals on Martha's Vineyard cheered as the National Guard deported the illegals.

Now the Treasury Department is going to harass Ron DeSantis with an investigation.

ABC News reported:

The U.S. Treasury Department will probe whether Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis improperly used COVID-19 relief funding to pay for migrant flights, ABC News confirmed Wednesday.

In a letter obtained by ABC News, the agency's inspector general's office said it has audit work "planned," based on DeSantis' recent transport of undocumented immigrants to to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, among other places.

The letter was sent in response to members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation's Sept. 16 request that Treasury look into DeSantis' compliance with parameters placed on funding use from the Coronavirus Relief Fund established by the CARES Act and the Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, created under the American Rescue Plan Act. Politico first reported on the letter.

"We have already sought information from Florida about appropriate use of that fund," Richard K. Delmar, deputy inspector general for the Treasury Department said in the letter, sent to Sen. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., and five Massachusetts Democratic House members.

"We plan to get this work underway as quickly as possible, consistent with meeting our other oversight mandates and priorities, both in pandemic recovery programs as well as the other Treasury programs and operations for which we have responsibility."

More than 4.4 million illegals have poured over the border since Joe Biden was sworn into office.

The Biden Regime has been flying and busing illegals all over the US in the dead of the night during a pandemic.

More than 50 illegals were found dead in a trailer in San Antonio because of Joe Biden's open border policies, but the real crime is DeSantis sending a few dozen aliens to a sanctuary city that proudly declared they welcome all migrants.

When DeSantis flies 50 illegals to a liberal haven, all hell breaks loose and it's a criminal matter.

via thegatewaypundit

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