SABOTAGE: Biden’s Demolition Plan, FISHY

Now the Biden administration is silently seeking to destroy four hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest. Are they crazy? Hydroelectric power is "one of the oldest and largest sources of renewable [clean] energy, which uses the natural flow of water to generate electricity." Hydroelectric power "currently accounts for 28.7% of the total U.S. renewable electricity generation and about 6.2% of the total U.S. electricity generation.

This type of power generation is a brilliant idea, which is why countries around the world use this technology. China is the world's largest producer of hydroelectricity, with 150-plus dams and operating four of the world's six largest dams, yet Beijing is also building 43 new coal-fired power plants. Russia is the seventh-largest producer of hydroelectricity, with 60% of their electrical grid coming from fossil fuel consumption. The U.S. is the third-largest producer of hydroelectric power behind Brazil and China.

Think about it. With hydroelectric power there is no nuclear waste and no CO2. There is no potential destruction of the energy grid if it fails, like with solar panels. There is no dependence on foreign countries, like occurs for REEs (Rare Earth Elements) for wind turbines. You don't have to figure out what to do with 300-foot-long spent turbine blades being replaced every 15 years (three per turbine). Birds and bats don't get chopped up or their lungs exploded by the pressure vortex formed by blades spinning at 200 miles per hour.

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So, why on God's green earth would some idiots want to sneak around and destroy four hydroelectric dams? According to the Biden administration, it is to protect the salmon runs, which is another of the Democrat's Hitler-type big lies. The dams were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. Why destroy clean energy that has been working well for more than 40 years? This is thing "green" people keep gluing themselves to walls about. Game players know there must be another reason.

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The cost of destroying these dams is estimated at $34.3 billion of taxpayer's money. Has anybody voted for the destruction of these dams? What happened to "taxation without representation"? Is it time to symbolically throw some Democrats into Boston Harbor by voting them out at the ballot box?

Worse yet, destroying these dams goes against what the federal government itself stated should happen in a February 2020 report. A review of the report stated, "A long-awaited federal report out Friday rejected the idea of removing four hydroelectric dams on a major Pacific Northwest river in a last-ditch effort to save threatened and endangered salmon, saying such a dramatic approach would destabilize the power grid, increase overall greenhouse emissions, and more than double the risk of regional power outages."

Let's think about this. If you knock down just one of Biden's multimillion dollar homes, let's say, Biden's Delaware beach house … wait a moment. How does Joe own multiple multimillion-dollar homes on a senator's/vice president's/or president's salary? Maybe it is from the sale of Rehoboth Beach Biden memorabilia, like the "top seller," the "Biden scented candle." Anyway, let's say we knock down Biden's beach house and turn the land over to the parks and recreation services. I am sure there are wildlife that would appreciate it and benefit from it, because the only ones benefiting from Biden's beach house now are the Bidens and all the foreign agents who buy access to stolen top-secret U.S. government files stashed in his garage.

In contrast, these hydroelectric dams benefit millions of people with truly green renewable energy by providing about 8% of Washington state's electricity. In addition, these dams aid "barges traveling through the Columbia-Snake River System transport[ing] about 60% of Washington['s] annual wheat exports … a staggering 40% of the nation's total wheat production, valued at billions of dollars … supporting 40,000 jobs." It is our "nation's single-largest wheat export gateway."

Who in their right mind would be pushing the Biden administration to destroy these dams? It is the shady nonprofit group called, "EarthJustice." I term the group "shady" because no one knows where its funding originates. "EarthJustice" is listed as No. 14 of the top 23 global nonprofits "protecting the environment." Why don't they move their headquarters from San Francisco to Beijing and litigate against China's 150 hydroelectric plants and see how that goes. "Common Sense America" has called on House Committees to investigate foreign funding and the influence of China and Russia over nonprofit environmental groups like EarthJustice. A West Coast Environmental Law group said, "stop blaming 'foreign funded' environmentalists." Even their warped argument admits these groups are "foreign funded." Legislation has been introduced, the "Think Tank and Nonprofit Foreign Influence Disclosure Act," to attempt to make nonprofits disclose foreign donations over $50,000, but more needs to be done. Concerning Europe, it is stated, "The Russians actually fund some of the most rabid environmental groups in Europe because they sic them on the energy projects that aren't Russian."

So, "Save the Salmon" is probably not the real story concerning these dams. Why would Biden want to destroy four hydroelectric dams? Let's see, who would want to destroy the power grid of a country?

My wife stated, "This sounds like something saboteurs would do." Oh, do you mean like fifth-columnist communist progressives, who really want to greatly weaken America so when the next Pearl Harbor occurs, there will not be a sleeping giant to awaken?

The state of Washington is home to the Boeing Corporation, which has built American war machines since World War II. Just one of their facilities employees 40,000 people and is so large it can be seen from space. If you are an enemy, this sounds like a great place to "destabilize the power grid … and more than double the risk of regional power outages," as the federal report stated will happen if the dams are destroyed.

I guess it's not surprising that Bumbling-Mumbling-Biden (BM-Biden) would want to destroy hydroelectric plants, since he also wants us to convert to solar power, and yet, block the sun.

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