Biden Scandal: Rep. Comer On FIRE, Explosive VIDEO

With new allegations about bribery related to President Joe Biden and the ever-wayward son Hunter coming out almost daily, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee is raising the stakes.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Kentucky Rep. James Comer claimed that decisions Biden made early in his presidency were directly linked to the millions of dollars his family had received from foreign sources.

And he says he has “the goods” to back it up.

Check out the interview here. It’s about 11 minutes long, but the whole thing is worth watching:

Comer has already gone on record charging that his committee has unearthed “six specific decisions” in U.S. policy that could be linked to payments to the Biden family through a complicated system of shell companies.

He repeated the statement Wednesday on a podcast hosted by New York City billionaire and major Republican figure John Catsimatidis and talk show host Rita Crosby. On the podcast, he branded the Biden family activities as “organized crime” and estimated they could have taken in between $17 million and more than $40 million, according to the New York Post.

On Thursday, when challenged by “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy to name the policy changes he was talking about, Comer didn’t show all his cards, but he didn’t fold either.

For one thing, he said the energy policy of the U.S. — which under President Donald Trump had led the country to be energy independent for the first time in decades — changed on a dime when Biden became president. And it changed in a way that, Comer said, “put China first and America last.”

Comer also pointed out that Biden ended the “China Initiative,” an effort by the Justice Department to break up organized Chinese spying in American universities.

The initiative started under the Trump administration in 2018, and FBI Director Christopher Wray marked its two-year anniversary in 2020 with a news release on the Department of Justice website that made no bones about the dangers posed by the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s theft of sensitive information and technology isn’t a rumor or a baseless accusation. It’s very real, and it’s part of a coordinated campaign by the Chinese government, which the China Initiative is helping to disrupt,” Wray said in the release. “The FBI opens a new China-related counterintelligence case nearly every 10 hours, and we’ll continue our aggressive efforts to counter China’s criminal activity.”

Most Americans might think the program sounds worthwhile — and it’s even resulted in convictions of professors who were working for China while being paid for the research for the U.S. government.

But the Biden administration — which has no problem sicking the FBI on American parents and Democrats’ political opponents — apparently thought catching Chinese spies was too racist.

It’s true that might not be because of either bribery or blackmail — Democrats are just as ideologically blind as they are criminally bent — but it does raise questions.

And clearly, Comer is making the case that those and other decisions were driven by millions of dollars that were funneled to the Biden family shell companies from China and other foreign countries — that the man who is now in the White House is compromised because of that money.

All of this might sound a little too much like Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the former Intelligence Committee chairman from California and his brazen lie during the Trump administration that there was evidence of Trump “colluding” with Russia in “plain sight.” No evidence materialized, however, because there was no collusion in the first place.

But Comer and his committee have already demonstrated the existence of the shell companies that were havens for money the Biden family got — and the American people have the sense to ask exactly what this collection of grifters sold that was so valuable if it wasn’t their connection to a certain American politician?

In his notorious Burisma deal alone, Hunter Biden was paid more than half a million dollars a year by a Ukrainian energy company when he doesn’t have a background in energy and doesn’t speak Ukrainian. He did, however, have a father who was the vice president and happened to be President Barack Obama’s point man on Ukraine.

“We’re going to start bringing people in for depositions,” Comer said, naming Hunter Biden business associates Devon Archer and Tony Bobulinski.

“All the people that were on the inside of these so-called business deals, they’re going to be able to tell exactly what the Bidens did in exchange for this money.

“And here’s the big thing: They’re going to tell what Joe Biden knew and how involved Joe Biden was in the family schemes, and I think that’s the most important thing that will come out of the depositions:

“What did Joe Biden know? And when did he know it?”

And the answer to that deliberate echo of the question asked by Republican Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee during the Watergate hearings now a half-century ago is what will be the point to make or break this.

It’s where the Biden bribery investigation either takes off or falls into the miserable abyss that awaited the special counsel Robert Mueller’s three-year probe of the Trump “collusion” hoax.

Schiff was allowed to skate for years on his “in plain sight” lie because the establishment media in the United States gives a lot of credence to Democrats accusing Republicans.

Republicans accusing Democrats know they’re going to have to back it up eventually — even on a Republican-friendly network like Fox.

Doocey asked, point blank: “Do you have the goods on Joe Biden?”

“Yes,” Comer answered confidently, explaining that, for one thing, the Biden family shell companies started receiving money from Romanian nationals after Biden visited while he was vice president.

“You’ve got financial records,” Doocy said. “But do you have anybody who says the reason he’s getting that money is because he did this?”

“Stay tuned for these depositions,” Comer said. “You’re going to be very interested in these depositions.”

Americans who want the truth about their own government are going to be very interested.

Americans who believe in keeping faith with the Founders of a country that is truly governed by the people, rather than a powerful, privileged elite will be interested.

Americans who are worthy of being called “Americans” — and determined to live up to the responsibility that the word carries — will be interested.

Will Democrats or the establishment media give one damn?

Those are the stakes on the table. Soon, it will be time for everyone to show their hand.

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