Biden’s early days set the pace for the next four years for most Americans

President Biden has 36 executive orders under his belt, so Americans have had a quick glimpse into what’s in store for the next four years. The rate of change in fundamental policies, such as energy policy, has been kind of like drinking from a firehose, and many Americans may not be aware of the costs of re-entering the Paris Accords. However, even without a full understanding of how these policy changes will roll out, American adults’ mood does not seem all that rosy.
Biden has yet to break into positive territory on the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll by Rasmussen Reports. Today it stands at a net -5, and it has dipped as low as -7 since his inauguration. These scores are astonishing given all of the nearly reverent coverage the administration and Biden family are getting from the corporate media. Biden had an interview before the Super Bowl and during halftime. White House press briefings have been no more challenging than the Super Bowl puff pieces.
Despite the fawning press, late-night show hosts, and cultural elites, Americans do not seem to be convinced. In a new poll, 54% of American adults think the economy will worsen over the next 12 months or remain the same. Only 37% believe it will get stronger. Following President Trump’s inauguration, 50% reported thinking the economy would be better in a year, which was the highest number recorded by Rasmussen since they started asking the question in 2009. Americans were correct four years ago. We can all hope they are wrong now.
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There are significant differences along the lines of political affiliation. Only 21% and 27% of Republicans and unaffiliated Americans, respectively, feel that the economy will be stronger in a year. Perhaps these Americans know the effects of printing unbelievable amounts of currency to give Americans a little bit of money rather than just opening the economy and letting people go back to work. The excess money supply will most certainly lead to inflation in the next 12 months.
Democrats have a much sunnier outlook, with 62% believing the economy will be stronger next year. It would be hard to think how this would be the case with restrictive energy policies. Then add a Commerce Secretary nominee, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, saying raising taxes on all Americans may be required to fund infrastructure and other projects. But she assures us green energy jobs will be available in the long run. That is a great comfort to the Keystone XL workers out of a job now.
A majority of 52% believe today’s children will be worse off than their parents, which is an increase of 10 points from four years ago. The percent that thinks they will be better off has fallen nine points to 23%. This number is heavily influenced by Republican and unaffiliated Americans who agreed children would not do as well as their parents at rates of 70% and 50%. This outcome could be the most discouraging in the poll. Millennials were the first generation who are not forecast to do as well as their parents. That generation delayed adult milestones and forming families. Continuing this trend for another generation is unacceptable.
American adults feeling this way could be why only 35% of likely voters think the country is heading in the right direction. President Biden has had three weeks to communicate his vision to America and an awful lot of support from the DNC media. That America’s confidence about their prosperity for the next year and our children’s future is an indication that the kid gloves aren’t working.
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