BIDEN’S BORDER CRISIS: CBP Admits What’s Behind Illegal Alien Influx

President Joe Biden’s immigration policies are driving the migrant surge and ensuing border crisis, according to a Customs and Border Protection intelligence alert that was issued earlier this month.
Despite the largest wave of migrants in two decades overwhelming American immigration resources, Biden’s administration has refused to acknowledge the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the southern U.S. border. They have, literally, refused to call the situation a “crisis.”
Instead, the White House blames problems in the Northern Triangle region of Central America — which includes Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — for the push of migrants north to America.
“The president does not feel that children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships, and other dire circumstances is a crisis,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said this week. “He does feel that the crisis in Central America — the dire circumstances that many are fleeing from — that that is a situation we need to spend our time or effort on and we need to address it if we’re going to prevent more of an influx of migrants from coming in years to come.
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