Biden press sec keeps avoiding hard questions by saying ‘I’ll circle back’

The Biden administration, now in its second week, remains committed to governing via record executive orders, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki isn’t doing a great deal to offer any semblance of transparency.
In fact, unlike her predecessor Kayleigh McEnany, she’s evasive, vague and inexact when facing even the simplest of questions.
Perhaps it's part of the job when you’re paid to answer for an administration that was never expected to prioritize an open relationship with a White House press pool that was, in turn, never expected to demand any semblance of accountability from the White House.
After savaging McEnany and former press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders for four years, the activist reporters in the White House press corps have generally thrown Psaki some real softball questions. If not softballs, the questions she's fielded aren't the kinds of queries that should require a ton of thought and misdirection.
Psaki has shown she’s not inclined to answer many, many questions, but she has offered a new line from the White House -- she's quickly become known for vowing to “circle back” to questions she can't seem to answer.
Just look at this supercut montage of Psaki in her first week on the job. As Grabien Media founder and editor Tom Elliot noted, the press secretary has a propensity for using the phrase when dodging questions.
Elliot cut a video of Psaki’s week as the new face of the Biden administration. The message thus far, per Elliot, is a garbled mess of promising to get back to reporters with regard to their respective questions.
“We’re going to need to circle back before we circle back to circle back on circling back so we can move forward with circling back and then we can circle back,” Elliot tweeted on Tuesday.

Psaki sure has found a unique way to avoid answering tough questions.
With the 42-year-old still getting used to the job, it isn’t particularly problematic for her to have a problem with not having the answers to the tough questions. However, if she continues to dodge uncomfortable questions and then never makes right on her pledge to circle back to those demanding clear answers, then we’re dealing with a different story.
To date, not a lot of circling back has been done, apparently.
Just look at the public relations gymnastics in action, when White House correspondent for Newsmax Emerald Robinson asked Psaki about Biden's curtailing via executive action an order from former President Donald Trump denying countries like China access to the country's power grid:

Robinson noted that, as of Tuesday, she hadn't been circled back to for her inquiry about the country's seemingly vulnerable infrastructure.
Psaki is, at this point, little more than the brunt of jokes.

Even those who didn’t consider themselves fans of the Trump administration can’t help but note Psaki’s ineptitude.

Psaki hasn't yet mastered the art of dealing with an establishment media that is more or less squarely in her corner -- minus, so far, Robinson and Fox News reporter Peter Doocy. But she has at least offered a bit of levity for those who long for the days of good governance and government accountability, which the establishment media at least pretended to care about not that long ago.
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