Biden Campaign: Mega-Donors Unimpressed

The Democratic Party’s super-rich mega-donors do not inhabit reality. If they did, they would not be Democrats.

In at least one respect, however, those mega-donors understand the truth far better than President Joe Biden’s campaign officials do.

According to the Washington Post, Democrat mega-donors recently expressed visible incredulity over campaign officials’ assertion that Florida’s 30 electoral votes could help re-elect Biden in 2024.

At a private, exclusive campaign event in Chicago last week, Biden deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks reportedly treated more than 100 rich Democrats to a hopeful analysis of the 2024 electoral map.

Fulks told donors that Biden could retain the presidency by winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Donors approved.

Then, Fulks explained that the campaign remains focused on other battleground states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada. Again, donors approved.

When Fulks began to speculate about other paths to victory, however, he lost the room.

“Everybody who was in the audience was doing deep eye-rolls over Florida being on the expansion map,” one attendee said.

The idea that Democrats could compete in Florida, which has grown a deeper shade of red with each recent cycle, must have struck the donors as delusional.

For one thing, in 2016 former President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 1.2 percentage points in Florida. In 2020, Trump expanded his margin of victory in the Sunshine State, defeating Biden by 3.3 percentage points.

Meanwhile, in 2022 popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis won re-election by a whopping 19.4 percentage points. According to the Tallahassee Democrat this victory “erased the common conception of Florida as the nation’s largest swing state.”

Democratic mega-donors know these things.

Furthermore, they have remained super-rich by not throwing away their money on obvious losing propositions.

When they look to 2024, they must regard such hopeful speculations about winning Florida as nonsensical. In fact, such speculations might be enough to cause an erosion of confidence in the person doing the speculating.

The donors know that Democrats have too many problems elsewhere to waste time dreaming about Florida.

On Sunday, for instance, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Trump with a 51-42 lead over Biden.

While other polls show a narrower margin, the Real Clear Politics average of polls for September 7-20 gives Trump a 1.6-point lead nationally.

Finally, one additional factor works against Democrats — namely, Florida counts its votes on election day.

via westernjournal

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