Biden Hails Asian Hate-Crimes Bill but Ignores True Cause Behind Attacks

President Biden on Thursday pounded his podium as he decried crimes targeting Asian Americans before signing a hate-crimes bill crafted in response to a reported rise in violence against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.
Biden and fellow Democrats have contended the rise is linked to former President Donald Trump’s branding of COVID-19 as the “China virus.” The bill gained momentum after the shooting of eight massage-parlor workers in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian.
But crime data and the many incidents captured on closed-circuit cameras or by bystanders tell a story that establishment media and politicians are unwilling to confront: Most of the perpetrators are not Trump-supporting white supremacists. They are black people who, some sociologists argue, are part of the legacy of Congress trying to make amends for the monstrous sins of slavery and segregation through massive welfare programs that have produced fatherless families.
Biden called the history of mistreatment against the “AAPI community” – Asian American and Pacific Islander – “un-American.” . . .
The legislation aims to expedite the review of hate crimes believed to be related to the pandemic and grant federal funds to local law enforcement to improve reporting of bias-driven incidents. The Justice Department is to designate a point person to assist with the expedited review of COVID-19 hate crimes and expand “linguistically appropriate” public education campaigns.
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