BANG! Latest Gun-Ban Scheme Gets SHOT DOWN

Republicans in the U.S. Senate have shot down Chuck Schumer's latest attack on the Second Amendment, blocking his attempt to adopt an "assault weapons" ban and universal background checks.

The Hill reported that Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., objected to demands by Schumer, D-N.Y., the Senate majority leader, to use unanimous consent to adopt the changes.

Schumer had insisted that what he called the "scourge" of gun violence is a national crisis and "The American people are sick and tired of enduring one mass shooting after another. They’re sick and tired of vigil and moments of silence for family, friends, classmates, and coworkers."

The plan, originally brought up by the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., would have outlawed semiautomatic rifles with pistol grips, forward grips, and folding or telescoping stocks, all of which are common on weapons for hunting or self-defense.

It also would have outlawed several other features of weapons.

The Hill reported Barrasso explained to supporting Democrats that their plan would violate the Second Amendment and "deprive law-abiding gun owners of an important liberty," the report said.

"Americans have a constitutional right to own a firearm. Every day, people across Wyoming responsibly use their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms,” he said. “Democrats are demanding that the American people give up their liberty."

He also noted that, as often happens, Democrats are trying to ban weapons "because of the way they look."

It was Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who later wanted unanimous consent for a law regarding universal background checks.

He claimed America doesn't have more mental illness or angrier people, or spend less on law enforcement, as justification for his request.

"We have more guns and we are much more permissive in this country about allowing felons, dangerous people, to get their hands on guns," he said.

The New York Daily News had explained Schumer was trying to "resurrect" a ban that expired in the law almost 20 years ago.

The report noted how unlikely its success was.

"Schumer’s push to pass the bill might charitably be described as a Hail Mary: Democrats hold a 51-to-49 advantage in the Senate, and far more modest gun safety efforts have run aground in the chamber and in the Republican-ruled House."

Even after the Sandy Hook school tragedy in 2012, the report said, the "Senate skewered a bid for a new assault weapons ban, with 40 votes in favor and 60 against."

Schumer, however, has continued pushing for such a ban, probably at least partly because it's been a goal of Joe Biden's administration.

His scheme would have banned the production and sale of 205 variations of weapons.

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