AZ Election Worker: “I Was on the List for the AZGOP and They Just Told Me..

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan ventured down to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix today.
Jordan spoke with Arizona Patriot Party reporter Brad Heward who was leaving the security checkpoint.
Brad said the Arizona Rangers told him today Google had eliminated the list of Arizona GOP workers who were approved to enter the auditing center.
Brad Heward: My name is Brad Heward and I am an investigator with the Patriot Party of Arizona… I pulled into Gate 2 and they told me I could not get in unless I had a security pass. They told me something entirely different over here (pointing to a different gate). I was told I was on the list for the AZGOP and they just told me Google eliminated the list. So they’re trying to keep the public out of this audit. Obviously, they’re trying to hide what’s really going on… There’s a lot of shenanigans still going on.
A USPS vehicle was seen in the area.
via thegatewaypundit

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