AZ Audit Update: Report Under Analysis – To Be Released Soon

The Gateway Pundit reported that they are examining the report for clarity, accuracy, and proof of documentation. They will prepare a clear, accurate, and proven report to present before the public.
This is only a partial report and the auditors will need compliance from Maricopa County with the legal subpoenas in order to produce a full final report.
The County has no interest in complying and Senator Sonny Borrelli has requested that Attorney General enforce these subpoenas through SB1487.
Maricopa County has requested that Attorney General Mark Brnovich close his investigation into their violation of the law.
Attorney General Brnovich needs to do the right thing and enforce the law.
AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward shared a status update on the preliminary draft report.
Ward: The Arizona audit team has delivered a partial report to the Arizona State Senate on the full forensic audit of the Maricopa County 2020 election. Now, there might be a slight delay because three of the five auditors preparing the report for the audit team have come down with COVID. The report is coming though folks.
Now we wish everyone, all of those guys who have COVID a swift recovery, a speedy recovery please please keep them all in your prayers. And also remember that this is only a partial report because the audit team didn’t receive the images of the mail-in ballot envelopes until last Thursday, and they still don’t have the routers, the Splunk logs, or the tokens to enter the machines. There are just under 2 million ballot envelope images that they have got to review to get into the final report. Senate President Karen fan said that the Senate audit and legal team will start reviewing the draft report today for accuracy, for clarity, and to make sure that there is adequate documentation for findings that are included in this report.
Now I’m very, very glad about this because we all know that the Democrats do not want this report released at all. And we all know that this is probably going to end up in court at some point. The state senate has nine people working on that audit and legal team, and once that team is satisfied with the report they are going to release it to the Senate Judiciary Committee that issued the subpoenas and to the public.
The audit opponents of course are out in full force. Now last week two of them held a press conference to refute a report that hadn’t even been filed with the State Senate. It was a prebuttal. Recorder Richer is actually trying to raise money, telling the public how great his predecessor, Adrian Fontas is. I don’t know, is he doing a joint fundraising event with him for Fontes’ run for secretary of state? If Adrian is so fine, why did we need Richard to replace him? just some things to think about. Other jokers are out there and they just keep repeating the same things they’ve said for the last several months, about the county having done two small scale recounts with people involved in choosing the equipment in the first place, and calling those recounts audits. They have nothing to do, absolutely nothing to do with a full forensic audit. I remind you that a full forensic audit of one of our elections has never been done, ever before. This is all unprecedented.
Here’s some other problems, a person on social media, who actually happened to be a critic of the audit graciously wished the audit team members who were sick with COVID to get well soon. And of course, they were attacked viciously for caring. The haters are much, much happier when they could pat anonymous keyboard warriors who hope people suffer or die on the back. It is a sick, sick world we’re living in folks, and it really does sadden me that there are people so set on denouncing this search for facts, a search for the truth that they actually want the people who are involved, to come to harm. It shows you the mindset we’re up against, and why we must stay firm. It is just another reason why we, here at the Arizona Republican Party, it’s always American first. I’ll see you soon.

The audit’s opponents started releasing all of their defenses and prebuttals before the report was even delivered.
Dr. Kelli Ward recently came out with this news destroying their fake narrative.
Some opposers are even wishing death on the leaders who have come down with COVID-19. These people are disgusting.
via thegatewaypundit

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