RINOs and DEMs Fail to Remove GOP Rep. from Congress

Dirty New York RINOs failed to toss Representative George Santos (R-NY) from Congress on Wednesday.

Last month New York RINO lawmakers announced they would introduce a resolution to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY) from Congress.

Expelling Santos from Congress requires a two-thirds vote of the full House.

Democrats have been gunning for Rep. Santos since he entered Congress.

Rep. Santos last month was hit with a 23-count superseding indictment, by the Biden DOJ. Democrats and their fake news have been gunning for Santos since he entered Congress.

Santos told The Gateway Pundit in September that the liberal media was so relentless in hounding him that they would wait outside his office to harass him every day for months after he entered the House of Representatives.

Democrats and their obedient mainstream media lackeys were very upset that Santos exaggerated his resume when he ran for Congress. Evidently, only Democrats are allowed to lie to the public in politics. Democrats like Joe Biden who regularly exaggerates and openly lies to the press about his personal story.

New York RINOs then joined Democrats in their quest of removing Santos from Congress.

The New York Republican has one of the strongest conservative voting records of any freshman Republican entering Congress.

But they failed.

They could only muster 179 votes.

UPDATE: THE HOUSE voted overwhelmingly to reject a resolution to expel George Santos.

213 voted no
179 voted yes
19 voted present.

Maybe the reason they lost was because George Santos has a more conservative voting record than any of the finger-waggers who attempted to remove him from Congress.

According to Heritage Action George Santos has a more conservative record than any of the Republicans who attempted to remove him.

via thegatewaypundit

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