As Thousands of Americans Trapped Under Taliban Rule, Biden’s Scheduled Long Weekend

While thousands of Americans remain stuck in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, President Joe Biden appears to have scheduled a long weekend for himself.

On Wednesday, journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted that Biden had told staff he wanted to go to Delaware.


Less than an hour later, WMAL reported that Biden was scheduled to head home for a long weekend.


Meanwhile, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a media briefing that about 700 additional troops had arrived in Kabul, bringing the total of U.S. troops in the city up to around 4,500. He said 18 C-17s and one C-130 had departed Afghanistan in the last 24 hours.

“These flights have carried around 2,000 passengers. And I can confirm that 325 of those passengers are American citizens. The remainder of the number will include Afghans and some NATO personnel. In the next 24 hours, the scheduled airlift numbers will be similar to the last 24 hours,” Kirby said.

There are still thousands of Americans in dire need of help throughout Afghanistan, and the Biden administration has already stated it cannot guarantee their safety.

Even worse, Biden’s desire for a long weekend makes it appear that his disregard for the plight of the Afghan people extends to the American citizens he has left to fend for themselves.

He has barely worked this week as it is, and nobody has heard a word from Vice President Kamala Harris on the matter. The Biden administration clearly has no plan and seemingly does not care.

While Afghanistan was succumbing to Taliban control, Biden was vacationing at Camp David. When he did come out of hiding, it was to give a 20-minute speech, after which he took no questions and promptly returned to Camp David.

Now we all know that presidents don’t really get “vacations.” As the White House tried to assure us, Biden was still working, even if he wasn’t in Washington.

However, it’s difficult to think of a worse time for a commander in chief to be holed up at the presidential resort.

With thousands of Americans trapped in a hostile foreign land, the president deciding he needs a long weekend just days after returning from vacation will not sit well with most people.

If former President Donald Trump had retreated to Mar-a-Lago under these circumstances, another round of impeachment proceedings would already have been announced.

What kind of message does this send to those stuck in Kabul under Taliban rule? Could it be that a guilty conscience is the reason for Biden’s sleeping troubles?

No, it does not appear so — not in light of his travel plans.

Some presidents might stay in town and work harder for the American people after such a colossal blunder. Not Biden.

While thousands of American citizens are trapped in Afghanistan, probably unable to sleep out of pure fear, the president is taking a few days off so he can finally get some shut-eye.

Maybe Biden will be able to get some sleep in his home state. After all, it’s easy to sleep when you have no cares.

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