As left pushes gun control, Smith & Wesson has 1st billion-dollar sales year

The Neo-Marxist future envisioned by today’s Democratic Party includes a disarmed populace that is completely beholden to government for everything from food and clothing to "protection" from nefarious forces. They are pushing gun control by claiming people should just call the police if they need help. As cognitive dissonance often does, they also claim they need to defund the police because they’re all bad or something.
While many leftists will be waiting for their social worker to answer their 911 call in a couple of hours or less (hopefully), many on the right are taking matters into their own hands. Gun sales are through the roof with Smith & Wesson recording four consecutive record months on their way to their first billion-dollar sales year.
According to Just The News: "Company CEO Mark Smith said in a company earnings call on Thursday that the gun manufacturer in the past fiscal year 'surpass[ed] $1 billion in sales for the first time in our 169-year history.'"
via wnd

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