Arizona Audit Update: Wesley Bolin Building Expected To Finish By END OF NEXT WEEK

Media Is Allowed Inside of The Building Behind Three Fences to Provide Additional Security.
They are double-checking all of their evidence AGAIN, as they have already done many times inside of the coliseum.
Audit workers and volunteers are not counting overnight because it is no longer necessary.
Ballot boxes are still being prepared to be returned to the Treasurer’s office.
This is a violation of the law.
The County must deliver this information to the audit team in order to complete the audit.
This process of obtaining the subpoenaed information is very methodic and we need to trust the brave heroes in the Arizona Senate to get the job done, which they will.
The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson interviewed audit spokesman Randy Pullen for an update on this historic process.
Conradson: Can you tell me about what’s going on today?
Pullen: Really, they’re just wrapping up the aggregation. They ran all the numbers last week and they’re just going through, making the last final changes to the numbers, updating them because we got updated numbers from the county on how many ballots were removed and duplicated because they’re was problems with them. We got new numbers so we’re just going through and adding in all of those numbers to get everything right. We should be finished we think probably by tomorrow at the latest.
Conradson: Can you tell us how long you expect to be in this building?
Pullen: A week. I think we’ll be done by the end of next week.
Conradson: I heard some counting machines will be brought in today. Is that true?
Pullen: You heard right, yes. We have counting machines coming in. They’re going to arrive tomorrow morning. We have a technician coming in to run the counting machines and all of the ballots will be run through and counted officially.
Conradson: You said you might be out of here by the end of next week. Does that mean you’ll have a total number of ballots?
Pullen: All of the physical work will be done. We will be down to writing the audit report.
Conradson: And the audit report will be released when?
Pullen: It’s probably going to take about a month to do it. We need to draft it, then review it, and get it finalized. Probably a month.
Conradson: Are we expecting a preliminary report at all?
Pullen: I don’t know that’s actually the Senate that will make that decision and as far as I know, there has been no discussion about that.
Conradson: But they will have those results by the end of next week?
Pullen: I don’t know if it will happen by the end of next week. I think we’ll have results by the end of the week next week for sure because we’re going to start writing the report.
Last week they were triple-checking the numbers by weighing pallets to verify that the number of counted ballots matched the weight of the ballots.
Arizona’s Secretary of State and Conspiracy theorist Katie Hobbs reported this, suggesting that it was their only method of counting the ballots. This is one of many false claims furnished by Hobbs and Maricopa County officials.
This week they’re quadruple-checking their numbers with paper counting machines. Much like a money counter, ballots will be counted faster than volunteers can put them into the machine and a final total will be produced.
via thegatewaypundit

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