AOC Reveals Herself to Be Total Fraud with Assessment of Biden’s First 100 Days

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York praised President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office this past week, and in doing so, revealed herself to be a fraud who has completely betrayed her so-called progressive principles.
There is little doubt that after being elected by New Yorkers in 2018, Ocasio-Cortez intended to do her job, in her own mind, with the best of intentions.
As radical left as she might be, there’s something commendable about a person living by a code of ethics — even if that code is abhorrent and the antithesis of the country’s values.
At least the Democrat’s opponents knew where she stood with them. Her positions and principles were hers, and they were authentic, or so we thought.
In just three months, AOC has compromised those principles and reduced herself to praising the fledgling Biden administration.
Why? Per the self-avowed democratic socialist, Biden isn’t nearly as “conservative” as she expected him to be.
By virtue of the January shift in political power in Washington, the country’s previously unacceptable immigration enforcement policies are now morally acceptable, rather than reprehensible.
During a virtual town hall meeting on April 23, the New York Democrat heaped praise on Biden, whose first three months have been defined by the humanitarian crisis on the country’s border with Mexico, more than it has been defined anything else, including his complete capitulation to the radical wing of his party.
In kneeling for the radicals, Biden has pleased them. AOC, perhaps the most outspoken of the unhinged in the party, praised Biden for that.

“The Biden administration and President Biden have definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had,” she said during the virtual town hall “I think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration.”
That comment came from a woman who so cared for the plight of migrant children during the term of former President Donald Trump that she appeared in dramatic photos in 2018 so the world could see her cry outside of a child migrant mention facility in Texas.
Photographer Ivan Pierre Aguirre posted those images of AOC on Twitter on June 25, 2019.
“Before @AOC hit the national stage & was just a fairly unknown House candidate frm NYC,she took time awy frm her campaign & came dwn to #Tornillo to protest the #tentcity housing migrant children.I made these previously unpublished fotos a yr ago today. #elpaso #aoc #onassignment,” the photographer wrote.

AOC confirmed the authenticity of the photos and Aguirre’s account when she shared them the same day they were posted.
“I’ll never forget this, because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents,& caged them,” she commented on Twitter. “More kids died after this. To date, no one has been held accountable. We need to save these kids.”

A lot has changed in just a couple of years.
Biden, who AOC now praises for allowing her radical agenda to guide policy for the country, has created endless suffering at the border for all involved. AOC suddenly doesn’t seem to be so concerned with “caged” children — so long as those cages are being guarded by a Department of Homeland Security which is run by Democrats, and as long as those Democrats amplify her voice.
Children are being housed in unthinkable conditions as the Biden administration’s immigration policies continue to lure in migrant children and adults who intend to take advantage of the open border.
AOC has not shown up to cry for the cameras at migrant detention facilities where children have reportedly been sexually abused since Biden’s inauguration.
She hasn’t toured Customs and Border Protection facilities in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California to demand Biden tear down these “cages,” so we’re to assume that this is acceptable:

AOC, a once-principled and “progressive” radical is apparently more than OK with a disgraceful humanitarian crisis on the border because in just 100 days, she’s seen her power and influence grow. AOC sold out to the establishment in her party, where children in “cages” are now acceptable.
That is presumably because Biden and his administration continue to allow the party’s socialist wing, led partly by AOC, to have a seat at the head of the table.
Ocasio-Cortez has been branded a lot of unsavory terms since she took office in 2019.
“Fraud” has not generally been among them.
In light of her recent praise of Biden, and her disregard for Biden’s “caged” children, no other word is more fitting when attempting to summarize the former bartender-turned policy influencer.
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