Americans Hoping Biden Makes It 2 More Years After ‘Embarassing’ Video of Kamala Harris Goes Viral

Kamala Harris just proved why she’s President Joe Biden’s best friend in Washington.

Even liberal Americans have to be embarrassed by Biden’s seemingly limitless capacity for oddball behavior and willingness to misstate the facts about basic elements of his own program.

But as an interview Friday with the Spanish network Telemundo showed, Harris is about the only one in the administration who can make even Biden opponents hope he’ll be around for two more years.

Harris was holding forth on the question of abortion, in particular the court challenge to the use of the drug mifepristone, a prescription “medicine” that’s used to destroy lives still in the womb.

On Friday, the Supreme Court stayed a nationwide injunction against the continued use of mifepristone that had been issued by a federal judge in Texas.

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s order found that approval of the drug that was granted by the federal Food and Drug Administration back in 2000 used a fast-track process that was based on “plainly unsound reasoning” to reach a decision based on “political pressure.”

In his ruling, Kasmaryk wrote that the FDA had also “stonewalled judicial review” of its decision.

The high court’s decision Friday means mifepristone will be available for deadly use while the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reviews Kacsmaryk’s ruling.

In her Telemundo interview, which took place prior to the Supreme Court’s stay, Harris tried to give some of the backgrounds to the mifepristone court fight — and in the process, referred to an entirely imaginary agency of the government.

The court fight, she said, involved an effort “to take a medication off the market which was approved 20 years ago by the federal drug administration.”

Check it out here:

Most Americans who take even a casual interest in government know that the initials FDA don’t stand for “Federal Drug Administration.” But the woman who’s second in command of the executive branch of the United States government — a branch that the FDA, as part of the Department of Health and Human Services, is a part of — doesn’t seem to know that.

This isn’t just nit-picking. Harris is a lawyer who served as attorney general of the state of California, then a U.S. senator from California before she was affirmative-actioned into the role of running mate for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

She’s been adjacent to the powers of the presidency for more than two years. She’s supposed to know important agencies like the FDA the way an experienced mechanic knows the makeup of a car. (Would you want a guy working under the hood who called your “alternator” a “radiator”?)

Even more important, those same Americans who know good and well what “FDA” stands for also know that the president is notorious for gaffes that betray an increasing decline into dotage. Even conservatives have become almost inured to his regular, embarrassing moments on the world and national stage.

An 80-year-old who’s long past his prime isn’t going to get better and the country knows it. However horrendous his mistakes, and whatever long-term damage he’s doing to the country (and it’s the kind that will make his name as infamous a century from now as Neville Chamberlain is in the United Kingdom today) there’s a built-in expiration date on Biden’s behavior. (That isn’t to wish anyone ill, it’s simply a statement of fact.)

Harris, on the other hand, is only 58 and — like 61-year-old former President Barack Obama (another affirmative action hire) — is likely to be around to poison American politics for potentially decades to come.

And the fact that she’s only one doddering Joe Biden heartbeat away from the presidency as it is had even Biden’s critics reacting to the Friday embarrassment by publicly hoping the current president sticks it out — at least until American voters can put an end to his presidency in 2024.

“Never thought I would say this, but I hope joe doesn’t expire for at least 2 more years,” one wrote on Twitter.

“The Vice President of the United States doesn’t know what FDA stands for,” wrote another. “Lol. America is so done for.”

And there were plenty more along those lines.

One user might have summed it up best in one word: “Embarrassing.”

There’s no doubt that the Biden administration fan club in the establishment media will give Harris a pass on this subject — not only because she’s a Democrat, but also because she was speaking on the topic of abortion, a sacramental obscenity to the modern Democratic Party.

The full interview is below. The mifepristone question comes up about the 6:40 mark.

Coverage of the interview by KXAS-TV, NBC’s station in Dallas-Fort Worth, didn’t even mention the mistake, but went heavy on Harris’ theme that abortion was the “right” of women to “make decisions about your own body.”

Even in the RNC Research Twitter thread, there were responses that chalked this up to a slip of the tongue, no more.

But the fact is, Harris is the vice president of the United States. She’s supposed to have facts like this at the tip of her fingers and the tip of her tongue. If she makes an error like that, she’s supposed to realize it and correct herself.

The reality shows she’s either incapable of that kind of correction or simply uninterested.

Joe Biden is no prince of a president, and he’s likely to be remembered as one of the biggest failures to ever hold the job of preserving, protecting and defending the Consitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

But as bad as he is, Kamala Harris would be worse.

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